I am not eligible for usual EndMyopia

I decided to take a break from contact lenses because of dry eyes leading to progression of myopia and astigmatism (causing diffusion defocus), also it’s hard to relax eyes and try to AF (unstable vision changing with each blink and so on).

Based on how much aberration high cylinder glasses could add (or seek and charge for atoric lenses), I am tempted again to reduce cylinder only till 0 (or to 1 D).

I am unique on this forum with problem I have (seems, the one exception is probably Narvy and some Turkish women), so I deserve to reduce by unique scheme (accepting general recommendations).

Full glasses prescription as of Jun 17
R -9 cyl -2.5 or -3
L -9.25 cyl -1.25

As of Jul 24
R -9 cyl -3 or -3.5
L -9.5 cyl -2.25

Leave please some suggestions how to deal, I will try to not find a retort etc.
I would like to correct R with max of 2 cyl, stay equal as much as possible, avoid hyperopic defocus or spherical equivalents (also eg R -9.5 cyl -2).

I wore cylinders 1.5 in glasses and 1.25 1.75 2.25 in contact lenses for right eye. For left, the same in glasses and 1.25 1.75 in contact lenses.

I have two prescriptions: old from Oct 2019 -9 cyl -1.5 both eyes 20/30, also from Jul 24 -9.75 cyl -1.5 R 20/40-20/30 L 20/20 “There’s no room for increasing even more” - optometrist said. @Ursa, I didn’t recognize who you are :slight_smile:, maybe you can correct me based from your experience (I mean correct as teach, of course no diopter specific advice, I know). @Lajos, what do you think? Yes, it on the other hand should be comfortable and lead to gains, not just reduce.

I think I might be in a similar situation. I got one eye that’s extremely variable perhaps due to its history of eye infections and blepharitis. ugh. hopefully applying techniques from vision therapy for distance vision active focus along with the optometrist issued normalized prescription will help.

The problem that comes with the last optometrist prescription is that one eye sees 20/40 or 20/30 while other sees 20/20. 20/40 or 20/30 at all distances due to mixed defocus coming with more Sph and less Cyl.


Do you hear any crackling sound in your eyeballs while doing active focus

I didn’t find AF yet.

Read IRDT Theory you will eventually find it.
And then let me know you found it or not.

I know about IRDT theory. What now?

what do I think about what?

both eyes should see roughly the same and find a prescription with which you have a bit of blur challenge in the distance - the maximum prescription with which you still have a bit of blur in the distance

don’t worry about finding AF, just spend a lot of time with your SLIGHTLY weak glasses (full prescription -0.25D if you are not over-prescribed) studying objects in the distance. At the same time relax your eyes. so you’re looking at something specific but in a relaxed way. that is the way to AF and even if you don’t feel like you got it, it’s good for your eyes