I am now able to "sniper stare" but not active focus

Posting a quick update on my endmyopia journey. I started in early September on this journey with my optometrist prescription being -1.50. I currently wear normalized lenses of -0.75 which allows me to see 20/30. I have not been able to find active focus with these lenses but I seem to be able to do it for close-up. It is strange because I am able to do the “sniper stare” at the Snellen chart and go from only being able to read the 20/70 line with no glasses down to 20/25. Does this have anything to do with active focus?

Thank you for your continued support!


Observe your eyelids. They naturally try to close when I active focus. When I force my eyes open while doing this I retain the clarity, so it’s not just squinting.

So (for my form if active focus), the keys are visual improvement, a sense that the eyelids try to close a bit, and that if you mentally force them to stay as open, clarity stays the same.

Does that describe your experience?

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that sounds like active focus to me


It’s possible we are experiencing similar things but I don’t seem to have the closing eyelid problem, the text just clears up after I stare at it for 20-30 seconds.

Sounds like active focus to me

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Sounds like AF.

Maybe too under-corrected? Are you doing glasses on/ glasses off at the last diopter? Jake advises to wear corrections which give super sharp vision and then alternate it with a period of no lenses. After my own miserable experience of trying to go down -0.75 and -0.50 corrections, I agree with him. Of course things may be different with you … just putting it out there as another option.

As a contact lens wearer, I could never AF with glasses. So when you mean lenses, do you mean contacts?

How is your night vision? At the last diopter, I found that actual vision should be measured by how one sees at night. In the day there are too many variables like sunlight and AF to give the best scenario of one’s vision. Removing that last bit of myopia is all about seeing without blur in the worst possible conditions like cloudy, overcast conditions/ winters/ night time.

Great to meet another last diopter myope! :smiley: The best part of this last part of the journey is all the experimentations and the little tweaks and the frustrations of being so close and yet feeling it’s so far. IMHO

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I now use my -1.00 glasses that provide 20/15 vision during the day and around 20/25 at night. I often switch from using these to no correction at all throughout the course of each day. Is that the kind of thing you’re recommending?

Thanks for all the great info!

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Yup. That’s one of my favorite ways to manage low myopia. Natural focal plane alternating with easy clear vision with lenses.