I am restarting my journey

Could anyone explain me which active focus tool to use to reduce 0.25 diopters from your normalized glasses.

Aren’t you just lucky? You have several options to choose from, and you can easily find them by using the search button :wink:

Two very popular ones to start with:




Could you please tell me is there any harm to your retina if you reduce to much too quickly.

You retina should be fine, but reducing too quickly is not something you should do: Blur adaptation - EndMyopia Wiki

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You are really experienced folks. So I want to understand something that I was not fully understood.

First question - If a person has reduced too much too quickly using differentials and if that person can’t be able to resolve the double image and if that person wears full correction still that person has to resolve the double image or it will automatically resolve on its own if you wear a full correction.

I am not certain I understand your question. Double vision is complicated, therefore so is trouble shooting it. DV following a reduction is an indication you have reduced too soon and/or too much. However DV a bit into a reduction is aften intermediate step between blur and clear. Full correction in theory shouldn’t have double vision. However if you have been messing with focal planes too much, in too little time that is a probable cause of DV even in your full correction. If that is what is happening then it should settle out, as long as you leave your focal planes alone for a few weeks. Your visual cortex will need time to readjust, whatever the cause; so pick your normz and diffs wisely and stick with them till the DV resolves.

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Sorry if you didn’t understand

The summary of my question is Lets say a person started his journey and he has 3 glasses differentials, normalized and full correction that person used normalized to reduce 0.25 diopters and now sees 20 20 line and also sees double image with normalized if that person not able to resolve the double image with normalized. In that case if that person wears the full correction that he used to wear. Still that person has to resolve the double image or not if he wears full correction.

What tool you use to resolve your double vision.

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I would imagine that in most cases going up a correction will mean you won’t see double vision in the stronger glasses.
But double vision is part of the process of improvement to:
blur → double vision → clarity.
So it is a bit like asking “if I have some blur in normalised, will it go away if I wear full correction?” - in which case, yes, if it is an actual full correction it would not have blur.
But that is not what we want in EndMyopia - we want that little bit of blur. And that little bit of blur starts to clear up into double vision, and then we want to work through the double vision by continuing all our good habits, our active focus, and wearing our normalised glasses until it clears up.
As Reannon said - perhaps your situation isn’t what I have described, as it could be other things. If what I have said is not what is happening for you, then you’ll have to do some reading to see whether there is a situation that is similar to yours.

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Thank you Mam for your answer i am fully satisfied with your answer.

Actually Mam i am in a problem I am really stressed out by reading so much on the website and on the forum. Yes, I got what is active focus but couldn’t get how people on this forum doing it using normalized glasses. Mam, its a request I also watch your channel videos its a request if you could make a video on how you actually practice active focus using distance vision. Actually I wanted to know how you do it. You use book, Pc, or Snellen chart I am really confused. i am determined like you to improve my eyesight. But, I am not able to find the solution of my problem.

It’s a request if you explain or please make a video about this so that me and other people could get help from your video.
Thank you Mam.

Gem has videos on her channel about Active Focus as do I and others please take advantage of the available content before making requests for more.