I am wearing glasses since 10 year but no opto measure my pd

I am wearing my glasses since 10 years but I did not hear about PD .is PD meausre with eye machine as they checked our eyes to check which diopter I need.
I don’t see any value of pD in my prescription.

They measure it, they just don’t generally share it without you specifically requesting it. And some optic shops won’t even give it to you then, because they are trying to take away your option to get your glasses elsewhere… you can measure it yourself, but it is much easier to get them to do it.


Do you mean since the age of ten, or for ten years?

Since the age of ten year

Opto checked eyes throgh machine and then they use test lens kit. Is that machine also capable to measure PD?

They usually measure PD when they are fitting you for glasses. In my experience anyways.

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PD is measured with a ruler (or something similar) by hand (no machine). it is the distance between your pupils when looking straight ahead. I also never noticed the optician measuring mine before, to be honest. They always do a whole lot of stuff they don’t explain.

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For example this lense have power of 4 .25.
You can see clear test whether you are seeing from central part or outside of center part. It give you clarity because 4.25 power for complete lense which in circles .
Only thing important , opto cut lense from central according to frame

It’s the little machine the people who sell you glasses use. Not the opto. That person tells what the prescription it. The salesperson at the glasses counter is the one who needs the PD.

This all happens without your need to know it, so it’s not surprising that you don’t know about it.

I don’t know about others but in my country the opto checks the PD but it is not printed on the prescription given to us. I can take my prescription to any glasses store to get my glasses and they don’t ask about the PD :man_shrugging:t3: , even in the online stores they give the PD as an optional to fill unlike Zenni which is not used in our country.