I believe I had a clear flash, does this mean I'm making progress?

Hi everyone,

I started my Endmyopia journey in early September. I believe that I’ve found active focus at close distances. (When I move back from my screen to where it gets fuzzy and blink, it often clears up a small amount of blur for a few seconds) I do not think I’ve found it for distance vision yet. However, today I was sitting in my car without my glasses on and I stared at a license plate for a few seconds. It was at a distance where I saw the double-vision type of blur when looking at it and I could barely read it. I looked away then back at it and found that I could clearly read it all of the sudden. It looked like my vision had a clear flash of 20/30. My vision is normally around 20/70 on a good day with a diopter measurement of -1.50. Is this a sign that my vision is starting the improvement process?

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Yes, it sounds to me like you’re getting there.

It means your eyes are getting back to natural accommodation. At the beginning of the journey it can be a totally random hit and miss, but will improve over time. :blush: