"I can see my computer screen without glasses! WoooW!"(11 yo kid progress log)

Patient: 11 yo kid

The “wellness” system before June 2020:

  • computer work is restricted to 25-minutes Pomodoro timers (he studies in an online school), 4 timers/day
  • 1 hr of online classes w/ a 5 minutes break
  • Wed and Fri are video-games free days
  • min outdoors time: 1 hour a day
  • no screens after 20:00
  • video games are restricted to 2 25-minute Pomodoros and are allowed on a monitor only (no gaming/movies on phone or tablet)

June 2020
visited ophtalmologist who said the kid needs glasses immediately.
Prescription: 1,5/1,25

He wore them in a wrong way: for close-up only, even though he could see the screen just fine. He said that his eye strain is lower when he is in glasses for the close-up.
And, he was shy to wear them outdoors. I thoght it should be fine cause our body usually adapts to environment, like, to cold exposure and his eyes should adapt some day and he’ll begin to see better.
And yes, now I know: he’s got the worse from 2 worlds: the close-up and distance.

September 2021
visited another ophtalmologist
Prescription: 3/2,75
We spent like half an hour in the glass shop, choosing the most convenient frame. The exhausted seller finally said “don’t bother that much - you’ll be back for a new pair of glasses in a matter of 6-12 months”.

I was shocked. I thought the glasses are kind of one and for the rest of your life. I didn’t know the miopia can progress. Noone in our family or close relatives ever had miopia. So, I had no idea about all these things. I started researching and have found EM in a few days.

The “welness” system after ~Spt 21

  • stopped using full correction for close-up (I’ve found EM just in a matter of a week or so after the new prescription), and started using his glasses from the last year’s prescription (-1.25/-1.5) for close-up

  • reduced Pomodoro timer from 25 to 20 minutes for close-up work

  • increased “mandatory” outdoors time from 1 hr to 3 hrs per day, plus, started taking tennis lessons

  • started AF 3 times/day with 5-10 mins sessions

  • on top of that, he just keeps not using his phone for games/etc.

  • his computer time is scattered across the day into:
    morning: online school work - 4*20 Pomodoros
    afternoon: online classes 25+20 Pomodoros
    evening (excl. Wed, Fri): video games on a big screen 3 * 20 Pomodoros, separated by at least 15 minutes breaks

Oct 10
cm measurements: ~42-44 (can’t tell the initial readings cause we didn’t measure back then)
eye chart
he sees 20/10 with his current prescription
he clearly sees the 2nd line from the top of Snellen chart with no glasses (he barely saw the top line before we started EM things)

he started experiencing minor double vision during active focusing (only during AF), but he can clear it up in a matter of a few seconds.

adjusted the system:
AF 3 times/day with 15-minutes sessions: 5 mins for 20/20 line on an eye chart + 5 mins for the optimal line for AF from 5 meters + 5 mins for AF on the screen = 45 mins a day in total

Oct 14th
on an eye chart:
2nd row from the top (20% row) w/o glasses
150% row (and even some letters of 200% row) in 3/2.75 glasses
cm measurements:
~57…66 cm depending on the time of the day, light, etc.

and, this is major: since the cm measurements are around his comfortable distance for computer work, he had his first time (since June 2020) of a few Pomodoros without glasses for computer work (his own initiative).
He’s so excited about this!

“I can see my computer screen without glasses! WoooW!”

Though, he needs his 1.5/1.25 glasses for some part of the close-up work, mostly for programming or for afternoon time slots.

adjusted the system:
he says his eyes are getting tired after 15 mins of computer work now, so we adjusted Pomodoros to 15-minute slots. It reminds me of my own experience when I started to restrict my computer time w/ 25-minute Pomodoros. After a couple of months of this approach I suddenly realized that I can’t watch a 1.5 hrs long movie without 2 breaks at least. My eyes started telling me that 1.5 hrs is too much for uninterrupted screen time.

interesting facts about the current prescription (that show how toxic are full correction glasses for a close-up work)

  1. he was wearing 3/2,75 for a few days after we bought them for all the time (close-up too)
    he said his no-glasses vision has worsened

  2. after 10 mins of active focus on Oct 12, he had a new record: he could clearly see the 20/20 line w/o glasses from 1,78cm (was ~61-63 cm before EM).
    he went to his computer and could clearly see the screen w/ no glasses.
    then, he had to put -3/-2.75 glasses briefly (needed for some other activity) and forgot to change them to differentials and has worked for ~20 minutes in front of the computer.
    result: after those 20 minutes of full correction used for close-up work, he couldn’t see the text on the screen clearly and needed a few minutes of AF to clear it up with no glasses.