I give up!

I’ve tried this for two years now with a -1.50 diopter and I’m still at -1.50 diopter. I give up. I wish you guys good luck. I’m done with this experiment. Bye!




Your a wonderful man. Good day sir!

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Could you please elaborate on what you tried? Maybe someone here can help…


I usually like to think people who are having trouble are making a mistake. I’m glad I stuck with it when I had issues at times.


I think this is almost alway the case… It makes me sad when people quit though :cry: It is such a stretch to find EM in the first place (though hopefully less so as we continue spreading the word), I just find it so hard to imagine quitting…


At least you have stabilized your vision. I stabilized at -9.00 doing EM, before my vision was descending every year.

Find the cause of your myopia if there’s other than visual habits and believe it’s possible to regain 20/20 eyesight. For example, my showstoppers were semi-covert strabismus and malocclusion, I address both and will check whether my eyesight will improve after those problems resolve.


I feel that man, have thought about giving up myself. But there are still small signs giving me hope


Didn’t you come from -2.25?
That looks like an improvemet to me!


Yes and it got to 0.75 then it regressed back to 1.5. It’s very frustrating. I don’t want to quit but I’m going backwards. For now I’m back to wearing glasses (-1.5). I initially ditched wearing glasses after 3 months of wearing -.5. Maybe I can go back to trying to wearing -.5 glasses or even -.25 and hope that I can improve it from there. I know it works but I am having a lot of trouble with the last 1.5 diopters. I wish I had the money to buy the service for the last diopter. Maybe in a year I’ll get my bills paid down enough to get it. This pandemic has been rough on us financially so at this time I can’t afford it unfortunately. :frowning:


You might actually be blur adapted.

I thought I was in the high -1.75 range, but a much more critical review leads me to believe I’m more in the -2.75 range, and working my way back from there.

I have been dealing with massive astigmatism which complicated matters.


Sounds like at least your eyes do change.
Also supposedly the last diopter is the hardest diopter of all.
Hopefully you stick in there and get back to 0.5 some day


Hi Rick. I’m no expert on this but I just wanted to say -2.25 to 1.5 is still an improvement so congratulations on that! Technically you went from ‘moderate’ myopia to ‘low’ myopia. I guess everyone is aiming for 20/20 vision, but in the quest for the ultimate goal, the smaller victories should not be ignored. Every bit of progress is amazing, especially considering all the ‘learned professionals’ (optometrists) are willing to do is shake their heads and tell us our eyesight is screwed forever. You and everyone on EM that has reported progress is proving otherwise, whatever challenges each individual is having at this moment. I hope this helps.

Finally, my sympathies for how you are feeling. For myself, I found only within the last week that my LE has regressed a bit while my RE improved, so I am feeling annoyed and frustrated too. From all I’ve read, being under -2.00 is the home stretch and the slowest for seeing improvements.

Wish you well.


No need to buy stuff from me, really. At least not as next step here.

That last diopter-ish range can be a :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.

There’s also the option of “take a break” as a mindset vs “giving up”. Park it somewhere, diopter-wise. Main thing is to maintain good habits about close-up and not forget to have some kind of life-enjoying distance vision habit / hobby.

If you can get to -1.25 for a comfortable diopter parking spot, that’d be great anywhere for whenever you want to experiment.

Around that range you can go without glasses on a nice sunny day, for a little while on a walk for example. Plus you don’t need them for close-up. Even if you’re mentally in a “f u Jake I’m not doing this anymore” state, you can start a sunny day walk without glasses. Just wear plano sunglasses, the additional contrast will be great. If you haven’t worn the glasses that day yet, you might get some nice clear flashes and around one diopter, they’re not all that necessary.

Then put them back on whenever you’re over it. No strain no expectations no big project. Just eventually finding the very chill habit that those things can come off sometimes. Don’t be tempted to go with lower diopters at any point. Forget diopters, don’t mess with it at all from that -1.25 diopter onward (don’t ignore this point, thinking about diopters again is more likely to bring back previous unproductive experiences and you don’t need to mess with them anymore at this point). Just glasses on when you feel like it, and off when you don’t want them. Nothing more than that.

You might just do that. And over time you might find that you do it more often.

As long as close-up without glasses, not too much ciliary spasm, and that … the longer term results may be a pleasant surprise.

Also check in anytime to vent. We get it, “I’m giving up” doesn’t mean you don’t care. This whole experiment can absolutely be some :thinking::sob::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: sometimes.


OMG. You really are a guru! That’s some of the wisest stuff I’ve heard lately!

@jakey said it all in his reply to you

but if you need N=1 experience added: I hit steady 20/20 outdoors 2 years ago. Despite of it I had to step back to -1D or -1.25D for low light conditions in the first winter (theatre, second balcony). Then I hit 20/20 again. And had to step back to -0.75D for the second winter. Hit 20/20 again and got the “no need for glasses” confirmed by an opto but I still expect going back to -0.5D every now and then next winter. However, the gap between best and worst vision is slowly closing.
You cannot give up on stopping myopia progression. You can only give up on getting gains soon. But once you are not using full corrections (or in your case glasses) in front of the monitor or when at home, once you understand that the smart phone screen is damaging when used for social media following or for watching videos, and once you have good lights all around you and some time using your eyes looking at real distance, then you are already beyond the point of taking the red pill - you know how things contribute to your vision and you are in charge. And you can simply ignore any urges to get further gains, just play along and get it with time.


SETBACKS are always there but COMEBACKS are always STRONGER!


Last diopter is tough! Jake gives some great tips here👇(as also in his comment mentioned in this thread)

I have been at -1/ -1.50 since the past 2 years. 20/20 will take time, but will happen. This is a lovely community (as seen by all the supportive messages). Hang in there!


This is an absolutely awesome post :slight_smile: You should convert this into a blog post without any change and/or add it to the rough guide. I was aware everything you write here, but it’s a really good summary for low myopia.


I don’t really understand what you mean by i give up ? are you going to use your full prescription for close up ? though i feel ya . the last diopter is a tough son of b*** . i got from -1.75 to -1.25 last summer and from there i got stuck . i tried to do the zero diopter reset thing for 4 month but i got no results i strained my eyes from too much blur i wore -1.25 at night or when i really need them it was a mess sometimes i’m without glasses i enter the classroom i have to wear them to see the board . as a university student i have to read books and work on my laptop . but then got back to wearing -1 normalised it feels good i have much better experience this way . active focus is much easier … what I’m trying to say is that there is no size fits all sort of solution for the last diopter … maybe you should try wearing your normalized much often maybe you try to wear your full 20/20 glasses for few weeks to remove blur adaptation … maybe you should quit phone and use larger screens at distance … maybe some careful small use of plus lens in close up would do … whatever you do you shouldn’t give up and keep with this experience you already improved by 0.75 diopters that is great keep up