I have done a mistake (Double Vision!)

Well members of the community i want to say something.
I used the plus lenses and reduced too much and. i seriously don’t know how much I have reduced.
and now I am still seeing the double image with my full prescription lenses.
Could anyone guide me what should I take the next step?
Please help me if you know something.
I am very depressed because this double image is creating problems in my life.
I wish I would have read all the forum or blog.

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That stinks, and is why I warn people every chance I get… cautionary tales like this can not be shared too much or often, people need to realize that it is so incredibly important to know what you are doing when making focal changes :frowning:
I wish I had great this will fix it advice for you, but I don’t… You will likely need to wear that full correction (except in close up) until you are able to resolve the DV, that might take weeks or even months, depending on how bad it is and how far it has been allowed to go. Try starting here: Guide:Resolving double vision - EndMyopia Wiki for tips on resolving the DV and keep working to fuse the images.


I’m a huge fan of the Brock string.

You take a string and three colored beads and put them on the string. Hold one end of the string with a doorknob or your foot and the other end of the string right between your eyes. You want to see the string make an “X” right through each bead as you focus on each bead. It trains you to focus both eyes right on what you’re looking at.

You can also do stereograms (the images are free online). The convergence of your two eyes is linked to the accomodation (near focus) of your eyes and having worn minus correction for a while you’re used to converging your eyes a certain amount when you accommodate a certain amount through your old prescription. Now that you’ve got new focal planes you have to converge and accommodate different amounts from what you’ve been used to. So you now have to re-learn to point your eyes correctly at what you’re looking at given the new amount of (reduced) accommodation your eyes are doing.

Here’s a couple:

10_3928_01913913_19701101_06_fig2 (1)


I’m optimistic that you’ll be able to fix the double-vision (diplopia) quickly. It takes a little practice. It worked great for me (much better than I would have expected.)


There was a year when the whole “plus lens therapy” had its moment, and this was the endmyopia inbox constantly. I was cursing Todd Becker and Otis and their whole entire “print pushing” and plus lens advocacy for a while there. :joy:

At this point though seems we’re more than vaguely clear that 1) reducing too much (and endless screen time) is the biggest of all failure points and that 2) plus lenses have no place in any of this - at least till you’re well into advanced level and know how to manage self experiments.

Sadly Abishek likes to ignore both repeated warnings by moderators to not PM us asking for advice, as well as all the advice about not reducing too much and avoiding plus lenses. One little search will get you more than a few of my rants about both.

How do we say, effectively, “don’t do this if you’re going to half ass it”? Double Vision 🤯 - Don't Try Endmyopia | Daily Beard | Jake Steiner - YouTube

And yes what @nycmao said. I’m not vouching for any specific exercise, but all things that help your visual cortex sort out the alignment, is good. Here for the deaf ears, not overdoing it, regular vs. a lot, etc, all hold true. Along with ideally going back to a correction that’s familiar and worked before, not too far off from what started the whole issue.

I hesitate to give a lot more advice that’ll likely be as soundly ignored as everything else we’ve said.

Great post though and cautionary tale, and what I see going on with most of the “bro you messed up my eyes, double vision” comments. Maybe we need a short animated video for this specific audience?


I was thinking similarly.


Good to know :scream:

After the the other video you posted just two weeks ago?

Next step will be making it the intro channel video, so you’re sure they’re not missing it :sweat_smile:


Oh they WILL miss it.