I just have pseudomyopia

I have a low myopia 0.5/0.75 , I got glasses like a week ago but I never wore them (I wore them for like 40min🙂) , if I’m not mistaking it’s just a ciliary spasm and it’s not that hard to fix , I just need to look into the far distance.

Can anyone tell me if I’m right, and give advices.


Yeah that’s it basically, you need to work on distance active focus. Try to spend time in nature with minimal screentime.

I’m glad to see another pair of eyes saved before it was unnecessarily gotten into trouble!


Use the phone as less as possible. Treat it as a communicable disease. Few hours of closeup alone can negate all the benefits of distance vision time and then one can start wondering if eyesight can really improve. Also, when you are lying down, try to avoid reading or scrolling on the phone even for 5 minutes … it turns easily into an hour.

Am struggling with these bad habits at the last diopter so the emphasis. Please ignore if you already have good closeup habits :slight_smile:


yea the phone is hell dangerous addictive. do you know why did you get pseudomyopia? if because of the phone, then risks are high you fall into bad habits.
maybe you want to use an app like “lock me out”, which prevents effectively too long screen time. better would be not to use it at all, but lets be honest, we need some of the goddamn functions like camera, phone, notes, whatsapp, emails… it’s really hard to escape that new life. Best thing would have been never to buy a smartphone.

If you’re at super-low levels of myopia or just have psuedo myopia you can take some of the stress from phone or laptop use off your eyes with reading glasses. Just get a pair of +1 or +1.5 for when you absolutely have to use the phone, treat them like they’re safety goggles and the phone is dangerous to use without them.

It’s not as good as not using the phone at all, but if you know you’re going to be using the phone for the next hour or something they can spare your eyes a little bit (plus lenses). It’s a crutch, not a “therapy”.

yea the plus lenses are one way, but it would be probably better not to start wearing glasses at all, so then can not harm your eyes in any way, and change your habits for life, or you would need to use plus glasses forever if you continue long smartphone use.

I would first get rid of long close-up activities and of course, if you need to use the phone, better install some screen time protecting app. Let the app protect you from the phone.

Then I would try to do distance active focus for a very long time.

If it would not help at all, I would probably try the plus lenses as a last option to improve. I think they could help to have a strong stimulation, like the opposite of hyperopic defocus, which happens when you wear too strong glasses. So that could be more effective than active focus. But I dont know if it’s true. This is an interesting topic, I don’t know if Jake or someone else has thought about it.