I just started and i'm in need of guidance

Hello, people of this forum, so basically I’ve just started out my journey in getting rid of myopia and astigmatism for good and I’m kind of in need of a bit of assistance. I’m currently not sure if this means -1.00 x 4 = -4.00 total of my left spherical (astigmatism) or does it just mean -1.00 regardless of which angle it is. And when comparing my current glasses (which I haven’t changed since a year ago) should I go and purchase a new one or should I just keep wearing the current one I have (my current one only has a prescription that focuses on one angle in each eye in regards to astigmatism).

Also can anybody tell me what’s the best way to increase eyesight for people with high astigmatism high myopia? Thanks for reading!

(This is my current stance in terms of vision)

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It shows the average (AVE) of three measurements, all very similar. You do not have high myopia or astigmatism in either eye. Your old prescription probably showed only the average of whatever number of measurements were taken, so only one value and angle for the cylinder correction. Whether you can wear your current glasses or not depends on how big the difference is between them and your new prescription.

I suggest you do a good deal or reading and learning before you do anything about changing glasses. For a start, you need to learn what the difference is between sphere and cylinder in a prescription for correction.

Welcome to the forum, but don’t start off asking for guidance until you have read a good deal of the guidance that is already available on the website and the forum.


To add to what Ursa said you can search for the wiki how to by using the search function here. A lot of info went into it to help beginners like your self.