I just started and need some guidance please!

These are my glasses which i am using from 2 yrs onwards !!
RE = -6.0 (sph) no cyl
LE = -6.0 (sph) 0.75 cyl

so, after reading tons of forums and tutorials. i went to optometrist to check my eye sight.
he told that you glasses were perfect !!.

so , then i decided to get my differentials first , to remove my ciliary spasm. and i found comfortable after dropping 0.5 from both eyes and no reduction in my astigmatism

RE = -5.5(sph) no cyl
LE = -5.5 (sph) 0.75 cyl

i do more close up work , so i started wearing my differentials past 2 days onwards. so ,the main things is i can’t get my NORMAILSED glasses due to some issues with $$ !, so can i do ACTIVE FOCUS with my differentials, what i mean is , after done with the close up work, can i read some books or see some text untill i find my the blur horizon and keeping my differentials and doing AF.

Its a very important phase in my life to reduce my eyesight. because after 2 yrs ill be passing out from my university, and the company will reject the people who having eyesight more than -4.5. i don’t want to go for laser and all other things. as i truly believe that every one are capable to heal themselves and this jake method.

all i need is (i) is it suggestable to do AF with my differentials, as i cant afford for normalised
(II) AF is like something finding your blur horizon and blinking eyes to make it clear right ??
(III) any extra tips and suggestions please

thank you all !

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Zennioptical.com is very affordable you can get glasses for $15-$20 from them, you are not going to get far here if you can’t afford your reductions unfortunately… Also I feel you missed the bus on differentials, yours are much too strong, they actually might serve as normz but diffs they are not. Differentials - EndMyopia Wiki will help you learn more about setting your diffs and try these two videos as well: Differentials - YouTube, Normalized - YouTube.
If you truly wish to improve your vision you need distance vision. Best wishes in your journey.


Agree with @Lloydmom
Your “differentials” (being just 0.5D lower than the full opto corrections) do not seem to be low enough to be called differentials and used for laptop / PC screens. Differentials are 1D lower if you sit at about 90cms from the screen or 1.5D lower if you sit at about 60cms

Use Zenni, they have really cheap glasses and deliver worldwide to most countries.
If your other alternative is Lasik, ordering glasses with Zenni is peanuts.

What company / profession rejects people with -4.5D or above? And what happens if you are accepted with -4.25D but progress to -5D?!?

Have you signed up for the free 7 day guide yet?

Also check wiki to understand differentials and normalised glasses