I’m new, with kerataconus

Hello endmyopia community! I’m really new to this and it still feels a bit like a dream that I might reduce my diopter dependence. I’m 30 years old now and got glasses when I was 11.

My current prescription
Sph Cyl Ax
R -2.00 -2.00 70
L -3.50 -1.00 90

There are complications though. My right eye is not corrected properly because I have kerataconus. This means the cornea is thin and uneven, so i get high blur at any distance. I believe I’ve found active focus and stopped using my glasses for reading and phone use (0-30cm). My vision with glasses feels sharper than before, after only week of practicing. But I have no idea how to active focus on my kerataconus eye, or if it even possible at all. Centimetre measurements are also pretty much impossible because it’s always blurry. Maybe that’s similar to high astigmatism?

Anyway, I’m really happy to be here and it’s an exciting journey ahead!


I am curious … how does one know if they have keratoconus ? Will the regular eye check let us know or is there any specific test for it?

I didn’t actually know much about it for a few years. It came in 2007, and my optometrist said contact lenses might correct it. They didn’t, and it wasn’t until 2012 that I head about a contact lense specialist who got me hard lenses that actually did something. To your question: he measured the shape of my cornea with some fancy device and I got to see it as a blue/red image where it was bulging down/up. It was very uneven, so I got to see the problem myself.

I have one of those sheets with images from a lasik attempt in 2002 ( discovered EM last year ) . I was told I could not have the LASIK as my cornea was not suitable. I checked and it has KC scribbled on it but I do not remember the opto raising any alarms then - he just said " you cant have LASIK" grumpily.

But never has any opto since then mentioned it.

All right, maybe it wasnt so bad then. I have it on both eyes, but it’s only on the right that it’s causing blur. One might guess that your eyes are in between then: good enough not to disturb, bad enough so LASIK didn’t work.