I made an Arduino-based myopia measurer

Yes, I appreciate the irony of spending hours on a computer to build a device to measure how bad my eyesight is, but hey, it was fun.

Simply wanted to share. Probably not worth making into a proper product but if anyone else is electronics-inclined maybe you can give it a go yourself.



That’s awesome! I love stuff like that.

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How super freaking cool.

Can I repost on endmyopia, with links and credits and whatnot?


Feel free @jakey :smiley_cat:


Done! Arduino Optometrist - Endmyopia® - Improve Eyesight Naturally

Reminds me when I was a kid, got one of those things for Christmas. Except was more Lego-esque, where you’d get all the capacitors and various component bits on individual blocks with feet to stick on a board, and holes with plastic plugs to connect wires to.

The kit was to make a radio. Somehow I managed to re-design it to bug my sister’s room to listen to her and her girl friends endless gossip talk.

Boy was she pissed when one day she discovered the wire and followed it to the speaker-turned-microphone, and back to to my room.

Meanwhile, all that curiosity and interest got lost somewhere, and now so much cooler build-a-gadget things exist! I wonder where you find the inspiration to get started on these, James. :slight_smile:


I used to love playing with LEGO as a kid too; got into electronics like this more in secondary school. But since leaving school I hadn’t really done anything, so I thought, screw it, let’s have a play again!

Maybe you should pick up a kit yourself @jakey? They’re pretty cheap.

Love your story btw :smile_cat:


Yea maybe. I’d need something I want to make probably for motivation.

I tinker with the podcasting setup sometimes. And things like apartment automation, all the lights and wall sockets and things are wifi enabled (so nerdy) … mostly so when I get home after dark, lights are already on. And they turn off when I should be going to bed, reminding me not to be up till 2AM. :joy:

Will have a think about what one may want to make from scratch. That Arduino is really super cool.

I work in cyber security so everything IoT/home automation scares me now :laughing:

When I bought it this was my main project I had in mind. And now I have it I’ll just keep messing about. Doubt I’ll make anything important, but hey, it’s fun :smiley_cat:

Ahhhhhhhh so cool. Also yikes.

I used to have quarterly reviews of all my tech with a security consultant dude. Ukrainian character, very stern.

Learned a lot, mainly about the concept of tradeoffs.

My nerd-self is pretty envious of the ultimate types of Linux laptops and unknowably complicated phone solutions that involve no data leaking at all to the usual suspects. I could totally be suckered into all of that.

But then, Ukrainian guy points out banks, credit cards, going outside cameras all over. And says the goal is to protect from low / mid level independent actor type of security concerns. Accept the government and Google knows your every move.

How about that bummer of a take on security? :slight_smile:

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Oh for sure, if the KGB want your info, they’ll get it! As you said, nation states have almost infinite power, and we give all our data to Google etc anyway. But unless you’re a defense contractor or critical infrastructure - sorry, the CCP probably don’t care about you. You’re not that special - not that we know of anyway, eh @jakey? :wink:

I’m more talking about the no-name from-China $10 “security” cameras from eBay/AliExpress. If you set IoT up properly (different network, strong passwords, etc) it’s amazing, but I’m too lazy and cheap to do so right now myself. But simply buying something cheap, plugging it in, connecting it to your Wi-Fi, then downloading some dodgy app to view it - no password required - leads to…

Yes, this is public data.

Burglar’s paradise! Not to mention it could allow easy access to your laptop/computer and all the lovely data on it (it’s not as if you use your laptop or computer to access your bank account, right?)

That said, most people aren’t targets. But if you walked past a house with the door wide open in the middle of an empty street with no cameras and no other people and a diamond was standing on a welcome mat and you normally only earn $10/day… Anyone would at least be tempted.

I think we’ve done slightly off-topic haha. My Arduino above has zero network connectivity. It’s unhackable! And even if you did, all you could do is make it lie about your eyesight.

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Oh for sure. I stay away from any and all Chinese app based things.

Still not great or perfect regardless, but outgoing firewall controls and US based brand name stuff only. No cameras.

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Yeah the annoying thing about security, including cyber security is that as the system designer you have to pretty much think about every type of threat and every vulnerability while the attacker only has to find one hole. You are literally and figuratively always on the defensive and often on the back foot.

Anyway regarding your cool little contraption, just wondering, since I didn’t look at the documentation, how does it determine the distance to the target and also as the user what can you look at and focus on to determine edge of blur hence where to stop backing away?

It uses an ultrasound sensor to measure the distance, and the sensor has some text on it which I use for focussing on (image in my post)

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