I need help please

My myopia is -2.75 and -4.5.
I want to start reducing. Do i need to reduce in both eyes or just in the -4.5
Any help please?

Welcome to the forum. As you will have read, the first step is usually getting some differentials for computer/close work. Have you done this yet? The usual path is reduce in both eyes to start off with, and this is what most people will recommend. But as you have a big diopter gap, you may want to start equalising sooner than most people do. You also do not say whether you have any astigmatism. If you do, this can also affect the steps you need to take.

Good luck on this journey.

Yes its been 4 weeks using differentials. i have astigmatisme in 1 eye : -2.75 (0.50 a 20) .

That is low astigmatism. Did you keep any cylinder correction in your diffs? What you could try for norms is to make a spherical equivalent for the cylinder. This will mean that you will not have to juggle with cylinder reductions in between spherical reductions in your further reduction steps. You will find information on how to make a spherical equivalent on the website and on the forum, using the search function. I cannot give you any specific diopter advice.

Yes i keept the cylinder correction in the diffs.
Do you suggest to start with redusing both eyes.or i shoud start equalazing from the begining?

This is really your decision to make, and so I prefer not to give any suggestion other than to say that I would be tempted to do so… You might get some feedback from other members. If you have kept your cylinder in your diffs, it is not a good idea to go for a spherical equivalent in your norms. Too many differences between your diffs and your norms might confuse your visual cortex. In your next diffs you can try to remove or reduce your cylinder correction.

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