I need help regarding night driving

I need your tips how you drive at night.
Usually at night , I can’t able to see when car Infront of me and it’s lights spread in my glasses .so I can’t able to see.
What you guys doing with that problem

Do your glasses have anti-reflective coating?

The EM recommendation is to keep safe and drive in your opto full prescription. If your vision stays the same with normalised, you may consider using them. But never risk your life or others’ lives.

With anti reflective I still face that problem. Light spread on my glasses and I can’t able to see.

That eliminates one possibility. I have exactly the same problem, and that is why I don’t drive at night. It could be some form of night blindnes, and I have no idea of what to do about that. Although I now drive during the day without glasses, I still have some myopia and would not want to try driving at night without glasses to test whether it is due to the glasses or just night blindness.

I hope some other forum members can come up with some suggestions for you.

You might want to consider some clip-on night driving glasses. I have never tried them, so do not speak from experience.


How old is your car, especially the windshield? It does get pitted over the life of the car esp. high speed driving in sandy/dusty environments and produces a “many stars” effect when wet. Replacing one is not very costly - a few hundreds or so I think.

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Usually the area where I drive my car mostly dark . No light on road like we have on highway. Only shopes light and car light on road