I realized I now know people all over the world

I have been listening to a guy on youtube who’s channel is dutchsinse. He forecasts earthquake all over the world. It is apperantly a controversial content and he gets videos deleted by YouTube. I have followed his accuracy and gave it a good skeptical viewing for a long time before deciding he knew what he was talking about.
The reason I bring this up is because there are parts of the world I never worried about before and some of you kittehs may live there. So if you live in an earthquake prone area or are just curious give dutchsinse a look. He does not want anyone to fear but just be prepared and have a plan. Plus I tried to communicate EM with him but that post was deleted off his channel so I dont know if he ever saw the post.


Yes, I’ve been following his YouTube channel for a while. I live in Indonesia and there have been big earthquakes and eruptions according to the Dutchsinse forecast here. The city I’m living at now hasn’t experienced any big earthquakes (though we did feel a few little earthquakes). I hope it doesn’t but still better be prepared.
Which reminds me that he does wear eyeglasses! I never thought of it. Okay, I will also put the EM blog on the comment section of his video :smiley:

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How awesome to find another dutch follower!

This also Sue Arrows. She helps explain the Dutchsinse method to International audience :innocent:

Oh nice I didnt know that.