I think I finally see improvement!

Hi everyone,

I am relatively new to this eyesight recovery program. I started about a month ago but only seriously started wearing my normalized glasses about two weeks ago. I started at -1.50 and now I am very close to becoming -1.25. I forgot to measure my starting distance to blur but noticed that I now have to get farther from my computer screen in order to achieve a slight blur when looking at it, almost to the point of making it hard to reach the keyboard. While I don’t quite notice any difference with my distance vision yet, I’m sure the improvement is still too slight to be able to tell. My current normalized lenses are -1.00. I find that they are more blurry at night while providing nearly perfect vision during sunny days.

I believe that I have achieved active focus but am not entirely sure. On some days, I am able to blink a few times and cause street signs to become the tiniest bit more clear and other days I am unable to achieve it.

Hoping to see further improvement over the next few months!