If you are destined to be a myopic, you will become one or not?

Story of my myopia started when I was in the primary school (I was around 9 years old, I am 27 now, 18 years of myopia wow!). Things around gradually became blurry, I struggled to see the class board, and my parents noticed that I was constantly squinting while watching TV. My nosebridge was constantly strained these days. They actually asked if I had troubles seeing, but did not take me to the eye check immediately. I was shy little girl and was embarrased by the whole situation, because I understood that something is getting wrong with me and I could not help it and it is probably my fault also. Probably, it happened so because they have never experienced any troubles with their eyesight. It worth mentioning that I was a real book worm these days and enjoyed reading a lot.

It all ended up at failing eye exam at the beginnig of middle school (autumn 2003). I remember how anxious and nervous I became when realized I could hardly distinguish any letter on the examination table even with both eyes. I was taken to children’s ophtalmologist soon. My very first precription for full correction was: OD -2,5 D OS -2,5 D . I remember my emotions during my very first lenses fitting. Gosh! I am able to see the world again as I had seen it year ago! It worth mentioning that in September 2002 my vision was totally perfect. All these changes happened in a year. However, my eyes were extremely spasmodic these days due to constant squinting and stretching doctor used atropine to provide at least bit of relaxation. Firstly, it was very uncomfortable to walk around with dilated eyes and huge pupil, and later I enjoyed the relief from the terrible spasm received with the help of atropine. It actually worked out well and my final first prescription became: OD -0,75 D OS -0,75 . No doubt, undercorrection took place here - full correction ment to be -1,5 both eyes. I even remember ophtalmologist (nice elderly woman) talking to my granny who took me to the appointment of it, she also claimed that my myopia was mostly pseudo and proper treatment (mainly Bates method she suggested) may even lead to the complete reduction of it.

Then, we ordered my first pair of glasses, thin golden metal frames, oval shape. I wore them only if I needed to read something on the blackboard or any other activity that included distant vision. I enjoyed clear vision wearing glasses. Also, I was training my eye muscles with prescribed exersices. Gradually my eye aquity grew during the year 2004. When I was 11 (jan 2005) it was 0,7 without correction. On the contrary, at the first eye checks (fall 2003) it was 0,9 with -0,75 D and 0,2/0,1 with no correction. Some of my schoolmates also had myopia developed, and some prescriptions were around -5.00 D for them by the graduation from high school.

What happened next? I simply stopped wearing glasses as I felt there is no need in them. And it was a mistake? By the year 2008 (14 years old) exam shew that -3 D correction (no dilated exam) is needed for both eyes, however I coped without glasses and my eyes were accomodating as I was young. I guess dilation would again have reduced spastics and result would have been better. Even though, my parents were angry at me and pointing at my bad vision and need to correct it glasses were not ordered then. Anyway, I refused wearing glasses these days, I simply tormented my eyes and nothing more. Possibly, I had a wrong perception of what was really happening which was based on my previous experience and what I have heard from the childrens ophtalmologist 3 years ago. Probably, it was applicable to early pseudo myopia development, but it was not my case anymore. Some how I thought that exercising and training my eyes (eyes gymnastics, etc.) will end up at myopia reduction. Obviously, it never happened. By the graduation (spring 2010) my prescribed correction was - 3,5 D . Again, no glasses on my nose. And I almost gave up any eye training - just done it from time to time and accidental courses of lutein/vision support/whatever vitamins.

Fun fact:
I started attending osteopath in the end of 2011 (I was almost 18 and 2nd year of college, not wearing any specs). The matter of visit was neck pain actually, and he told me that I have extreme tension in eye muscles also, probably his sessions also helped to maintain eyesight on level coping without glasses.

Time passed by and I had an appoitment for eye exam in december 2018 - first since high school. Doctor was shocked by the fact I am not wearing glasses. Refractometer shew -3.50 OD and -3.75 OS. Lenses fitting was pain for me, my head started to ache. Final prescription was -3 D full time. I gave up and started wearing glasses.

Nowadays I am 27 (female) wearing glasses full time. My current prescription is - 3,75 OD/OS and it is underprescribed obviously . My last refractometer examination results are - 4,25 OD and -4,10 OS (oct 2020).

So, to sum it up:

  1. oct 2003 9 yo OD -2,5 D OS -2,5 D (no dilation), no correction aquity 0,2 → OD -1,5 D OS -1,5 (dilation) → OD -0,75 D OS -0,75 (prescription)
    no correction aquity by the jan 2005: 0,7
  2. mar 2008 14yo OD -3 D OS -3 D (no dilation) no correction aquity 0,3
  3. feb 2010 16yo OD -3,5 D OS -3,5 D (dilation) no correction aquity 0,3
  4. dec 2018 24yo OD -3.50 D OS -3.75 D (no dilation) → OD -3 D OS -3 D (prescription)
  5. oct 2020 27yo OD -4.25 D OS -4.10 D (no dilation) → OD -3.75 D OS -3.75 D (current prescription) no correction aquity OD 0,063 OS 0,1
  • 18 years of myopia
  • no correction since the middle of 2005 to the end of 2018 (13 years)

My current habits:

  1. I wear glasses practically full time. I work from home and spend 8 hours behind the screen.
  2. BUT: I do my morning routine without glasses usually, some times I read (holding screen or book really close) without glasses.
  3. I can go for a walk (not far from home) without glasses
  4. I do sports quite a lot and when I go to the gym (about 3 times a week(functional/crossfit) I am not wearing them either, but feel extremely unconfident with blurry vision and almost no focus - trying to produce one though.
  5. I am still squinting wearing these glasses (prescribed since oct 2020), I actually hate this feeling of undercorrection they give, just the feeling that I’m only invalidating my eyes.

What is more, new problem is arising and I am looking forward to new appoitment. My near vision is becoming worse, I have troubles focusing on text and screens. What I have also noticed, is that I constantly turn my head the way my left eye does the most of the job while reading. When I try to look straight with both eyes my vision becomes more blurry. It happens with or without glasses, some times image doubles. At medium distances, the position is also not very good, sometimes my eyes focus better on far objects then on closer.

I wanted to get new higher prescription (probably with CYL) and accidently have found Endmyopia and now I am inspired to start the journey to clear vision again. I have just started to get aquainted with the method and theory and find it very interesting.

My current thoughts are: may be I am done with all this bulls**t and is it time to move on to clear and crispy natural vision finally?

Don’t hesitate to share your opinion on my story!


Thanks for sharing! And wow, what a story. It’s interesting that your eyes seemed to be on their own journey, despite the undercorrection, Bates exercises, etc. I similarly went myopic very young (age 8) and was a devoted bookworm. I wore glasses/contacts full time, however, and had progressed to -5 and -5.25 by my early twenties.

I don’t know enough about eyeballs yet to offer an educated opinion on what might have contributed to your progression, but my guess is that maybe the excessive squinting and strain is what prevented improvement? Thanks to EM, I’ve learned that there’s an important distinction between active focus and squinting, and while the vision improvement might feel similar in the moment, one can heal while the other can hurt.

Anyway, welcome! Good luck! I look forward to following the progress.


Hi, Kali!

Thank you for the comment! Probably, myopia would progress even more with the correction, at least based on the general experience of my friends/aquaintaices wearing glasses/contacts full time and being blind without them.

Yeah, it’s definitely time to reduce overstrain and care my eyes properly. Good luck on your journey and congrats on your improvement!

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I think first you need to read a bit more about EM on the blog and get familiar with some topics:

  1. how to take your own measurements
  2. print a snellen chart and check your vision
  3. read about normalised and differential prescriptions

Basically its pretty easy to find anything just google for ‘measurements endmyopia’, etc. :slight_smile:
EM generally doesn’t really advocate going without glasses as it can induce what we call blur adaptation (except if you are around 1D or below)


Hi! Thank you for your advice!

Now I understand that blur adaptation exactly what happened to me during these years.

Have you checked the materials here yet? The best summary of all the basics that you will need to know


well there is clinical blur adaptation and something which EM calls blur adaptation - the two are a bit different. but definitely you need to do some reading and don’t worry it takes time to figure our and implement the habits :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum.

EM’s number one rule: don’t wear full correction behind the screen. (1)
Other recommendations from EM:
Do not read without glasses if you cannot hold a reasonable distance from the book / screen (2)
Wear glasses for distance vision when it is needed, so you and others are safe and can see. (3 & 4) It is not fun to live in blur and feel unconfident because of it.
Don’t squint or physically force your eyes to get clarity (5)

The journey starts with defining what corrections you would need for a 20/20 vision. And the first step is to get to know your eyes by measuring them and choose your first differentials that you will wear in front of the screen. All explained in the wiki I linked.

Good luck.


Hi, Bianca! Yes, I am currently on it. I have also subscribed to a free 7-days intro, which I find very helpful.

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Thank you for the comments.