If Zenni had clip on dioptor options

I’ve been thinking that maybe we could make a request to Zenni about their clip on frames having the option of being a small dioptor. Has anyone had the idea and tried? It would be great for everyone but especially the high myopes that need to buy those more pricey frames. No need for new normalized just buy diffs til you no longer need them.

Some of you may recall that there was an interview that Jake did where a lady had a pair. Of course they are brillant and possible. Maybe if a bunch of people here asked the question it would be a way to get Zenni to make some.

But on the topic of clip on sunglasses, I use mine when starting a new pair of lenses when things are getting a bit too much for my eyes. It helps them relax and make better clarity.


sounds interesting, but what do you mean by having the option of being a small diopter on frames?

Don’t they? I thought one of the podcast interviews mentioned getting plus lens clipons. Michelle? Meghan Something Exactly like that.

Maybe it wasn’t Zenni. But they do sell lenses with integrated clip ons, perhaps they can be ordered with a prescription.

I have not looked at that.

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A -1 to -1.50 dioptor so that when you have a pair of glasses you can just order the differential dioptor and then put the extra diopter over the lenses. So you then have normalized.

Yes they have sunglasses as clip-ons for most lenses but there is no option for dioptor. I have ordered 2 types of eye glass frames and the clip on for both and found it quite useful for many things.

so kinda like trial lens kit, except clip on. Sunglasses are not lenses and they are thin, But having -1.5 diopter clip on on top of higher prescriptions would seem uncomfortable. for low myopia, would seem okay perhaps. small diopter will be small and thinned out, but if you have -3.75 with thinned out index for differential and you need -1.5 thinned out for -5.25 as your normalized. Seems interesting, though i dont know how comfortable it would be, or how quickly the eyes will tire out. the lens would have to fit perfectly on the real glasses.

I’ve seen some available at safety glasses shops.

I’ve not yet found any customizable ones or ones that look like they’d clip well to super thick lenses.

Yeah I was just listening to the podcast! I agree!!

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The type of clip-ons I have from Zenni is simply too thin to allow diopter lenses in them. But yeah, theoretically it should be possible. But you should bear in mind the two lenses after each other will always have more refractive errors than one single lens.