I'm Back Again, with some good and bad news

Well, it’s been a long time since my last post here, so I was excited to share my improvement during these two years far from the forum. As everyone can see in the picture, I have really improved during 2019, but transient astigmastism appeared for the first time in 2020 prescription. Obviously, my Zennis didn’t hold this fake astigmastism correction.
2020 Normalized:
OD | (SPH) -5.75 | (CYL) 0 |
OS | (SPH) -5.5 | (CYL) -0.25 |
Now… Talking about 2020, I must admit my fault of NOT having new differentials for the updated prescription I got in Jan 15th, therefore I kept my 2019 differentials.
2019 Differentials:
OD | (SPH) -4.75 | (CYL) 0 |
OS | (SPH) -4.5 | (CYL) -0.5 |
My habits last year weren’t as good as I performed in 2018 and 2019, but I never stopped doing active focus and good outdoor long distance activities.

Today, I went to a new ophthalmologist (always swapping to avoid “vicious” prescriptions) and got this sad prescription that I KNOW is completely overcorrected, since there is NO natural light in his crappy dark room. But I would never imagine having so much of transient astigmatism!

At least I could know that my eyeball pressure got better… That’s it for today, people!


Good tactics. The over correction still can be up to a half diopter.

I think you are right. Not dropping from the differentials wasn’t a good idea. And I think the increase in cyl is partly due to wearing stronger astigmatism correction close up than at distance. I guess you also suffered from more screen time at home in 2020? :frowning_face:

The good news is that you have yearly check ups so now you know you have to fix that issue with getting the differentials right. Don’t add more cyl to diffs than to norms. Add the same or less.

Hope your next update will be on reductions again!

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Well, I really avoided screens during 2020, but I had to work on close-up stuff for at least 6 months. Moreover, my routine of going to sleep too late has negatively impacted my free time to look further distances and practice AF. I’ll put all my efforts to make this year fantastic for my eyes!