I'm giving up screens. It's time

It just isn’t working for me anymore in this phase of life. I’ve decided to give up my addiction to screens. Computers are so frustrating anyway, the more advanced and smaller they get, so I’m simply not going to use them for entertainment anymore.

The one thing I have going for me is that I haven’t played a video game in about 15 years.

Who is with me on this?


I’m game, with the exception of screens at a distance. Like mandatory computer work, watching a movie or going to the cinema.

Went to “Captain Marvel” yesterday, great challenge for my normalized vision, so some screen use can be a very potent stimulant.


lol is this an exercise in clickbait titles


Right I thought he was giving up vision Improvement lol


What did you use it for until now?
Most time I spend online these days is leMeow :joy::joy::joy:

I’m asking friends now for an old tablet, better tablet than smartphone…:joy:

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I’m with you! I installed Linux 2 months ago. It’s a fantastic idea if you just want to use your computer to keep old photos or videos. I have a 8gb graphic card in case I ever recover my eyes and I feel like loosing them again playing strategy games during all night. It would be a pitty to recover eyesight too fast and leave LeMeow, right? :rofl::rofl:

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@Tii_Chen, YouTube videos. From 30cm away. I can’t do it anymore. Getting too old for that, lol. My body actually hurts after…not just eyes, anymore. Big time waster, too.

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Have some replacement hobbies queued up. Its pretty hard otherwise.


Already have some in mind.


Proud of you, @FMR :+1:t2:

There are really great videos, like jakes, where you don’t need to look, listening is an alternative there.

Edit: I’d suggest some counter-sitting-too-much stretches :wink:

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Just edited the title to make it less click-baity now that I got feedback from some core people here. Don’t want to give everyone the wrong impression. Still kind of click baity though.

This is a big deal. Only EM and a few other things now.


I’m going with “in moderation”. My philosophy generally is rather than giving up stuff, is to add stuff or replace stuff with other, more tempting stuff.

Semantics mostly probably, but it really helps my brain to not be thinking in terms of “I have to stop x” but rather “I’m going to start y”. :wink:

For example I’m always trying to minimize my screen time. But rather than thinking about my screen time primarily, I’m thinking of what activities will be easy to do instead. This has lead to many adventures and leaves me mostly guilt-free. Today for example, discussing with the girl a road trip to a beach town and then to a mountain town. That’s at least 3 hours on the road each day, plus exploring new places. A lot of hours I won’t be tempted by Youtube (or my inbox).

Granted this specific scenario isn’t feasible for everyone. But there’s always something local that is waiting to be discovered!


Yes, semantics. My title was extreme to get everyone into the topic, but in no way can I give up screens. I can give up doing wholly unproductive things with them, though. And that is what I’ve started to do. Now I just need to keep on it, no matter what.

I believe the active substitution (active focus?) is key.




Smartphone, I guess?


Tablet… but yeah. Not ideal. When I use the phone it’s even closer (no glasses) so I really try to limit it (mostly successful all this time).

At least for me, I still can’t really see screens clearly (like real life objects) with/without correction no matter what. So I have to get much closer and/or strain, whether or not using correction. I really think that’s a big part of the issue with them.

Anyone else have this issue?