I'm here and ready to start!


I feel like it would be good to introduce myself. I am 24 years old, my name is Suzannah, and I will go by purplecat.

I’ve been aware of Endmyopia for quite some time, maybe about 2 years. One year ago I registered for the forum. But now I am ready to do the work necessary to stop staring at screens non-stop and actually get outside a bit and try to improve my eyesight.

I first got interested in improving my eyesight after I stumbled upon one of my grandpa’s books after he passed. It was Bates’s “Better Eyesight Without Glasses.” I skimmed through it and it made some sense. I didn’t do anything with the information immediately, but some time later I figured if it was really possible to improve eyesight then there would be people testifying to it online, which, when I looked for them they were there. I found several websites with people excited about the Bates method and then also Endmyopia. After reading a lot the material on Endmyopia, it made a lot of sense, and I decided that I was going to improve my eyesight.

So I just basically stopped wearing my glasses at all except for driving and have lived life in a bit of a blur for most of the last two years.

Now I’m ready to get serious though, and I’m willing to do things the right way and listen to advice and hopefully within the next 3 to 4 years regain my natural eyesight. I will keep you all posted on my progress.



Hello! and welcome! I always tell people “Do now what your future self will thank you for”. I cannot stress that enough. I look forward to your progress reports!


Welcome on board ! :bullettrain_front: