Improvement in Blur Adaptation

Did anyone improve their eyesight in blur adaptation? How wearing your weaker glasses improve your eyesight? I know the answer will be habit changes and distance time. Without adding distant time, purely wearing your weaker “subscription” would not reverse myopia. Thus, the question is that is it possible to improve the eyesight while being blur adapted, changing habits and adding outdoor time? If weaker glasses do not help without habit changes, then why must we wear them? TIA for your valuable input.

Sorry if the post looks inappropriate. Due to the pandemic situation here in Malaysia, I find myself still functional without glasses due to the lockdown and I’m at around -4. The idea that glasses somehow is harmful to my eyes root deeply in my mind. I do hope that this thread will not contain only this post.

What actually reverses myopia is active focus during distance vision. Doing active focus when everything is totally blurry is very difficult however. That’s why it’s advised to wear a slightly lower correction (normalized) than your full prescription.

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So do you mean wearing weaker glasses as compared to nothing is gonna be better for the myopia reversal? Even though majority of the time recently, I’m engaged with close up activity. For your info, shops at 8pm are mostly closed and we are not allowed to go outside passing that time.

Well, first of all you should make sure you spend as much time as possible outdoors doing distance vision and active focus. And yes, you should wear your normalized when doing this. That’s what will improve your eyesight.
When you’re doing close up work (reading, working on a computer) you should wear differentials (an even lower correction). But if your full correction is -1.5 or lower (you didn’t specify that) you probably won’t need any correction for close up. You should probably read some more articles on explaining all this stuff. I can also reccomend these YouTube videos:

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EM method

I made a picture about it. So is my interpretation correct? I am kind of surprised that you’d recommend NottNott’s videos. Anyway, I already understand these normalized and differentials as to their functions and stuff. I bought them last year. And, I did provide my current prescription power if you missed it. Differential is meant to stop further myopia, while normalized is used most of the time other than prolonged close up activity.

So my question is, without wearing weaker glasses, is it still possible that eyesight can improve? Based on the understanding of the chart I uploaded. Of course, I do not drive or have to do anything that is dangerous without high visual acuity in the moment.

Check this, it explains what is the problem with your interpretation:


What is the meaning of this? So you mean the percentage should be 50/50?