Improvement Pill: Improving Eyesight

Check out this great animated video on how to improve eyesight, on the Improvement Pill YouTube channel:

I guess this is what endmyopia would look like if it was done professionally? :grimacing:

2.4 million subscribers, we also did his (new) podcast.


Holy shit Jake, happy for you!! This is AWESOME news.

Welcome to all our lovely new lurkers :heart:


Dirty. dirty. Naughty Jake


Awesome look :smiley:

I thought his explanation in the video was pretty bang on and sweet!

Now awaiting the PewDiePie crossover


This is cool :sunglasses:

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Damn that is awesome! I love those animations, and think it’s a great summary as an initial teaser to get people interested.

To anyone coming here from the video I’d recommend watching NottNott’s Beginner’s Guide to Endmyopia next.


I did enjoy that :smiley:

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Yes, love the Jake pictures!!!

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:heart: :heart:

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the 0.5 D improvement was almost certainly just the ciliary spasm release for this guy

Yeah, I am sure you are right. Unfortunately I am not confident he fully understood everything. He got the priority swapped of getting diffs first (he said it was second) and he also says Jake recommended to reduce but .5 from your opto script, and I elected to not comment on it since given it is so common to be over prescribed anyways most people can afford to lose .5 on that first reduction. But I did enjoy the video anyways :slight_smile:


This is generally pretty stupendous, though it’s a little cautious with its “it may or may not work.” Thousands of us find that it works. Also, when it says to use “plus” glasses for close work, it forgets that those of us with lower myopia do not need any glasses for close work. But I’m sharing it widely.

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:joy: I am pretty generally envious of the animations and effort into writing these and great thumbnails and all. Just imagine …



This is why I didn’t stay in Hungary.

Just kidding. We do have a tendency though to not prioritize the positive. :joy:

Yea true. To be fair though it is kind of a big topic to summarize all the moving parts of for a newbie. Yes Rich and I have been talking for a while now and we did do the podcast and I did offer pointers but still, I think it takes more than that to really be ‘fluent’.


@jakey in the Improvement Pill’s comments section came across the name of another YouTuber, Joana Ceddia, who stopped wearing her glasses because of eczema. As per her video she has improved around 1.5 diopters of myopia (was originally-4.75). Check out minute 17:20 onwards of her video.

She is your diopter buddy (from where you started your journey), has a substantial following + has already seen an improvement. Thoughts on a collab with her?

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Wow, that was annoy… not too pleasant to listen. How can she has a hundred times more follower than @jakey? :rofl:

And I don’t want to reiterate what @Lajos said :sweat_smile: But I think this is also a clear case of ciliary spasm release.

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One person’s poison… another’s tea? Beer?

Agreed about the ciliary spasm release. But that is still a progress. Imagine if she is open to it and finds she can actually get rid of her glasses, she may document her journey online, which will reach another type of audience.

And that would be great!- more people knowing about Endmyopia® :wink: … whether they implement the practises or not - atleast getting the word out there.


yeah don’t mean to put a downer on it, just based on my personal experience - 0.5 D improvement at the start is good and quick with ciliary release, then I hit a wall


Yeah, totally, she has 3 million followers, so another great media to spread the message :slight_smile:

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Tend to agree… that was… different, but I did skip forward to the mercifully shared 17:20 point. Certainly looks like ciliary release to me too. As to the more followers, people care more about eczema than Myopia I guess… But she does have the followers, so getting her onboard would be cool.

This is awesome!!! Not only a greatl video but it makes it far easier for other big YouTubers to know what Jake is about in a shortish video.