Improvements confirmed!

After over a year with no optometrist visits, I finally -hesitantly- made an appointment. I was CERTAIN my optometrist would not be supportive of my EM journey and was worried that I would leave with the same highhhh prescription. Hoping to avoid any awkwardness, I decided to simply go through the routine eye check without mentioning anything about it, and lean on my Zennis again when I got home,

Well, that went out the window when we discovered that my eyes had gone from -5 & -5.25 to -4.5 & 4.75. YAY! I started my eye journey about a year ago but dabbled in Bates, wayyyy low normalized, etc., so it was really great to find out that I’ve made some measurable progress, despite my early haphazard approach :dancer:

But just as exciting was my eye doctor’s reaction. As I slowly admitted to things like lower-powered computer glasses and lowered normalized she got more and more animated, telling me that I was doing the best thing for my eyes. When I described how I could sometimes see distant objects perfectly clear if I gave it time and relaxed, she told me that I was likely an ‘over focuser’ as a child and never should have gotten glasses in the first place! Best of all, she said she’s part of a growing movement in the optometry world that is fighting back against myopia by working on intervention strategies for children showing myopic tendencies, including mild plus lenses and improved eye habits. WHO KNEW!? I was beyond thrilled to hear about this progress.

She also mentioned something I found especially interesting. She said that in many parts of Asia, when children start developing myopia, they use eye drops at night that induce dilation. I can’t remember the name of the stuff, but I’ve had it during eye exams myself and clearly (ha) remember the intense blur they induced. Basically, they force ciliary muscle relaxation overnight in an effort to prevent ciliary spasm. Does everyone else know about this? Am I just late to the party?!

Anywayyyy. I couldn’t wait to share all the news. I don’t post much but browsing this forum keeps me motivated and educated. Thanks all!


Super exciting news. Well done :relaxed:

While I understand the intention, it’s only a treatment of the symptom if it’s done long term without correcting the root cause of the spasm. I would compare it to knocking people out at bedtime just to make sure their body fully relaxes during sleep?!?

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Good stuff! Maybe we should get a directory of EM-approved Optomitrists @jakey? I’ve been avoiding the professional glasses salesmen and women for almost 3 years now. :slight_smile:

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they use eye drops at night that induce dilation

Atropine. They use like 0.01% solution (very weak) it’s the same stuff they use when they dilate your pupils but at a lower dose. It works (staistically), but a lot of kids don’t like the side effects and can’t stick with it.

Anyway very cool you found a supportive eye doctor! And half a diopter is great progress. That’s awesome!

Congrats on the gains!

Reading this I dream of having this doctor on our little podcast for a chat. :grimacing:


We had one. Turned out to be less wise since detractors used the list to harass providers. Cuts two ways sadly, that one.


Which is again unnatural symptom treatment instead of dealing with causality.

Tend to agree.

That is great! You found a rare gem.

Kinda like painting a target on their back unfortunately.

Congrats and cheers to future gainz.

Post more communities work better when people interact :smiley:


Ahh, ok I see. That makes sense. I know a content creator that moved their stuff to Patreon for that reason. Paying members had special access to stuff like that since detractors are less likely to pay money. It’s tough finding a good doctor/eye doctor/dentist these days!

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V true! Although I think/hope the drops are combined with an intervention that includes habit changes and more distance vision. That’s certainly how I would approach it if I could get my hands on some of those drops :smirk:

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After I told me brother about the experience, he told me the Big Glasses SUVs would be pulling up to the optometrist’s the next day and that I’d never see her again :rofl: