In Hong Kong With Superfast Internet. New Videos?

One of the annoying aspects about doing videos that it takes really forever to upload.

12 hours+ sometimes, and often interrupted uploads, having to keep the laptop charging and near Wifi … seemingly doesn’t matter where, the upload speeds are either inconsistent, like to drop, or just are sloooooooow. Sometimes I just use phone Internet and pay a few dollars for each single video (I can be so cheap sometimes, it’s painful to see $4 of Internet top-up gone for doing one upload).

Here in Hong Kong though, blazing. Today’s quick little video took something like six minutes to upload. Blew my mind just a little bit.

At that rate it’s so much less of a hassle to make videos! So while I’m still here for a few days, feel free to suggest topics. No guarantees, but may be tempted to oblige interesting requests.


Interesting video you made today! I have a suggestion that you already talked about, but i think it’s a case for abandoning EM. You could talk about people who have been underprescribed for many years and then used to blur, and it makes it difficult to learn AF, because their eyes too much used to blur. I think it’s a bit my case and that makes the progress maybe twice slower. Best regards to HK and maybe one day you could pay a visit to Zennioptical when there :joy:

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What do we want? You’ve given so much! Don’t lower diopters too fast, limit closeup, get outside and do real life things, how to check for ciliary spasm, Jake’s 20/50 rule, contacts can scratch your cornea, LASIC should be outlawed, learning active focus, understanding eye biology, the experience of how the eye improves, chart your progress, don’t use too many focal planes, peripheral vision, dangers of eye drops, kids in glasses, and more!

I love them all but can’t come up with another idea. Sorry! But I enjoy anything you post and I also enjoy the occasional rant.


Awe, thanks! :slight_smile:

I keep a bit of a list of topics, which are right now:

When to reduce correction
Low myopia close-up no glasses?
Stagger reductions norm / diff
Is lower minus giving me presbyopia
why we block people on fb
it’s just 1mm of change!
why no good for optometrist to do prevention / reversal
explain peripheral vision
long term success: habits, ciliary spasm,
unlearn glasses as part of ourselves
use low light to improve last diopter
norm diff
slow improving vs dominant eye improving
never reduce more than 1 diopter

Not sure if all those make sense, and I could probably think of more. Anywho if any of those above seem tempting, let me know.


One more idea: different approach when some astigmatism included vs when just myopia. Also compare the scenarios and the improvement speeds, some clues… I like all your ideas. I’d start with the fb vídeo, hahaha

This one seems particularly interesting to me :grin: I’ve searched in the low myopia section of the blog but have not found yet an article which speaks about this subject (correct me if I’m wrong).

I like your other ideas too. I’m already laughing as I imagine the guru talking about the FB ban-hammer! :joy:


For totally selfish reasons, I like the topic of using low light to improve the last diopter. Don’t recall that in the Back To 20/20 sessions nor any discussions of it in the forum or blog, unless in Facebook where I rarely wander.


Short version, purposely staying out during sunset and after, for the progressively increasing blur challenge. I’m pretty sure it’s in BackTo20/20, one of the more advanced sessions (when it makes most sense to get additional stimulus).


I’m going to second Sandra’s picks. :slight_smile: Definitely partial to those two topics! :smiley:

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Oh and anything new related to astigmatism of course!

  1. Astigmatism and double vision re: SPH, CYL, Axis on prescription. What does high astigmatism look like to see if I have it in addition to cataract? I read about it and the formula to take CYL but my brain can’t process.

  2. Peripheral Vision and seeing space. Someone posted book on this but don’t remember author.

If possible Jake…that would be great. I’d like to break the code :blush:

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A test lens kit can be truly handy there. Friendly optometrist, a little exploring, best way to quantify anytime there is increased focal plane complexity. (and other factors such as cataract)


Thanks Jake…the sight and sound of the test lens kit has always been daunting to me. I just found your link below on EM…yay, that’s so you! :hugs: I think under my circumstances it is worth the investment. I’ll figure it out :wink:

Or just one at the optometrist. Either way!

D-oh! The guru speaks. Time for a refresher on the sessions, it’s been about a year since I reviewed them. Thanks for the reminder.

Definitely. I made the access unlimited since especially after a while and settled routines it can be good to go back in and revisit the session with new perspective. :slight_smile:

Here is another vote for using low light to improve the last diopter, and anything on astigmatism!

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