Increased centimeters

hey guys , it’s me kumkum here , one of from you all.
today i got my good centimeters. after a whole day of no close up , only outdoor games…i was enjoying whole day.

and when i came home , and i checked my centimeters and also i was pretty sure that my eyes are feeling awaken today.
and the centimeter results were shockingly enough to motivate me further

normally , with lotsa close up , my centimeters ( they have increased after i joined endmyopia) = left 37 or 38 sometimes 36 , right 39 or 40

but today this was left 40 and right 42.
woww…i am loving it.
thanks ya all who reads this , to became a part of my happy moment


Awesome for you… and for us too. Any and every success story is as motivating for the individual experiencing it as it is for the rest of us. :champagne: :smiley: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Here is to many more of these for you :champagne:

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