India Livestream (Telugu)

Did a livestream with BNS last night: Telugu Superhumans లో JAKE STEINER🔥 Special Live 🔴 with BNS | July 20th, 6 PM - YouTube

A livestream, Jake? You wannu? Do you? Dooooyouuuuu?

As usual I didn’t want to but who listens to what I want ever anyway and then it ended up being kind of fun also. There’s some high energy there (don’t you wish ole Jakey was less of a robot?) and all the random video questions and stuff, exotic and unexpected. :joy:

@Sharada might find this entertaining?

Another positive, the chat gave me the chance to frequently repeat that asking us in the FB group how to improve eyesight, won’t improve eyesight. It’s a research project, set your expectations correctly, and you might find it to be worthwhile.


It’s nice to see the people asking the questions That’s a fun format. I watched on 2x. Good show.

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Oh I enjoyed it! Didn’t understand a word he was saying. Saw it in 2x. Started out funny butttt hats off to people who make such an effort for the community/ humanity. (The other video of yours with him had many requests for Telegu translation, so maybe that’s why such a format)

Also won’t be surprised if you become a hit in the south! Podcasts to television to films maybe :sunglasses:.

And, also + 1, how about a live session on your YouTube channel (no different time zone excuses allowed this time). Maybe someone from the forum could host a live chat with you. That would be good fun :slight_smile:


Yes, he certainly does have a lot of energy!

This is a great opportunity to put this info out there for people (again). I hope lots of people see it.


It must have been just a wee bit out of your comfort zone. A teleguru :laughing:

Funny to see you alternating between a “frozen face” and a calm explaining version.
Vs. the host - without me understanding a word - sounding like someone who’s having a rant :rofl:


I watched it. It was very nice and Srinivas garu translated exactly.


Interesting interview. Glad folks in AP (I’m old) are interested in this topic. Srinivas was excellent and very expressive in his translations. Too bad Jake couldn’t deal with beatbox/throat issues. Almost expected Jake to say - start with differentials. :grinning:


Ha. I’m sure it would. Does require organizing and running and figuring out more tech bits. Plus as much as I love having schedules and talking to people. :joy:

But yea, maybe.

So, so soso far. But I’m friends with BNS so that helps a bit.

And yea, as soon as I see my face on video I get all paranoid about my facial expressions.

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Till the time masks are in fashion :roll_eyes:, you can hide away behind that. After that your (here today, gone tomorrow) beard can protect your expressions :wink:

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I used to wear masks outdoors long before all of this current fun time. In some places because of totally crazy pollution levels, in others because I less enjoy the public cameras everywhere. Would prefer not to be told to wear them but then I’ve seen plenty worse than this.

I’ve got all the outrage fatigue from all the freaking out about everything minor.