Infographic Design Specifics Thread

New thread to facility infographic creation.


General conversation on the subject, here:

@Moni volunteered to be the architect of a first endmyopia infographic. Yay! Creator credit on this one will go to her of course, though feedback and ideas likely welcome.


See above link, that’s where the general Infographic discussion is supposed to live. :slight_smile:

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Soo… The first draft is here.

I chose to design the first infographic on the development of myopia as shown here
We have a higher chance of getting to people if they don’t have to read text but are shown an image.

I think it is important that people learn that myopia is not genetic but rather caused by our habits and lens use.

The images are only for demonstration purposes. I’m sure a designer could make some really cute cartoons.Also, I went for blue cause it is the color I associate with this site, and I love yellow but I guess that could change.

Now as for the design and text, I would love hearing your feedback on:
a) Do you think the text is sufficient and clear? I wanted to make it really simple but I realize the explanation may not be clear for someone outside of the EM community (everyone in my close circle has had me explain myopia in detail so they are not adequate guinea pigs either)
b) Would you add some more facts? Links to some more science?
c) Isn’t the cat the best?
d) the title.
d) Any general feedback and constructive criticism.

Thanks and have a great week!


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Moni…excellent first draft and appreciate the simplicity and brevity of your text :hugs: For the subsequent images, were you planning to design the other half to complete the cycle "How to End Myopia’…? You may already have some forethought but I envisioned illustrations of the eye lens in a relaxed state for distance and flexed state for close-up, with an emphasis on outdoor activities for Active Focus in the relaxed state to reduce cm.

One of my relatives is studying animation and I thought I could ask him how he would convey the EM process if you wanted help on that. He’s a junior in college but printed out business cards so maybe I can give him a little internship :wink: Very good job, and yes, the spectacled kitty is adorable :blue_heart: :sweat_drops:

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Great first draft, @Moni and definitely makes sense as a first infographic effort.

@Mare definitely cool idea! Of course up to Moni depending on whether she likes joined efforts or more solo approaches. :slight_smile:


@Moni Great draft! I think it is perfect that the text stays simple. The draft is probably not meant to replace the reading of the blog (or it will become too complex) but to be a general overview. Simple but effective :smiley:
Perhaps I would just add a link to the blog’s article which explains all this in detail.
The cat is really cute :heart_eyes:

Great draft! One thing… I might add the word “distance” to the text under the second image on the left (i.e. “made your distance vision blurry,”)

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Thanks for the feedback and yes! My idea is to make the follow up to “how you became myopic” titled “and what you can do about it” with the advice I got from @jakey. Though I don’t know if making an infographic that is very specific means people would not be so interested in doing their own research thru the blog.

I really like your idea for the lens in a relaxed state, I was thinking of adding it to this first part too. With small icons of the state of the eye in each part. I am hesitant because for me, at least, pictures of the eye are kind of triggering, they take me to a doctor’s office. Don’t know if anyone else feels the same way.

It would be even better if we could have this in a short animation. What would we need to get your relative to help us?

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Thank you Jake. In relation to @Mare 's suggestion of an infographic about relieving cilliary spasm. How much information of EM’s method do you feel it is fair to put out for the general public. I have very structured and detailed notes of the Back to 20/20 program, but I don’t feel that is mine to share.

Thank you @Sandra. I currently don’t know how to add links, but I guess I can shorten the URL and have people copy it by hand from an image.

Totally @WxClimb. I’ll add it now.

Sounds great Moni…agree that schematics of the eye with great detail is too scientific. Showing the flat lens with a pic of an outdoor activity below it and a flexed lens with a pic in front of computer or using smartphones. Each pic would have the animated character doing the activity.

I can ask my nephew … He has a 2 week break before fall semester starts so now would be a good time. We can provide the exact images to convey, for example, the same character doing these activities:

  1. Reading E chart at 20cm = -5 diopters (sad face)
  2. At computer with -4 differentials
  3. Walking dog with -4.75 normalized while reading signs in the distance
  4. Reading E chart at 25cm = -4 diopters (happy face)

Is this what you had envisioned? My nephew never leaves home without his tiny sketchbook so this would be another doodle job :grin: I’m hoping anyway. Once I give him the scope he can let us know.

I think it should be possible to insert an hyperlink you can click on. But I don’t know how to do that on an picture, sorry. I’m really not an expert in computers. Besides, I would not have been able to make such a beautiful draft!
Perhaps the person who will make the final graphic will know? In the meantime, I think adding an URL somewhere on the draft will be fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, I did URL thing. If I had the paid version of the software I could insert a link in a PDF, but in the meantime… here it is


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Yes, I love your ideas of animated activities. My dream (of course we can adjust to what is feasible) would be a plot like this in a 1-minute animation with cartoons, narrated by any of us kittens.

a) Kid watching videogames or reading (audio: “Myopia is caused by bad habits and incorrect lens use. It all starts like this: When you do close-up activities, your eye adjusts…”)
b) Image of the lens flexing.
c) Picture of a blurry distant Street sign (audio: "when this close-up goes on for too long, your distance vision gets blurry).
d) Kid reading a Snellen at the optometrist (audio: "Usually, you will be prescribed glasses to fix this…)
e) Animation of light hitting the eye behind the retina and the eye growing longer (audio: “but glasses make your eye elongate, making a temporary eye adjustment into a permanent one”)
f) Repeat a-e but in faster speed (“as long as you keep these bad habits the problem gets worse”)
g) Smiling teenager -the kid grew up ( “But here is what you can do about it.”)
e) At computer with differentials ("Wear a smaller prescrition while doing close-up)
f) Walking dog (“take breaks from close-up work to go outside”)
g) in a large Font ("this is only the beginning. Go to endmyopia to learn more).

ps. in my dream the character is a girl/woman of color, just to make it more inclusive.


Wow Moni… You have incredible foresight and skyrocketed way above my thought process. I just texted my proposal to my nephew Skylar and will wait what he says. Jake mentioned he also has an illustrator.

If Skylar wants to give it a shot for the experience and exposure, he might grab the opportunity. I told him we’re all volunteers :blush:. The possible one minute video would shoot him to the moon if given that chance down the road. He does traditional and digital art. His animation curriculum will be pretty intense in his senior year…maybe he can make it a school project.

Skylar is very good with facial features so I was going to suggest drawing Jake’s face on the character :hugs:… all this subject to Jake’s approval of course…haha.

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Awesome. Hope Skylar can help us. I will see if I can get more volunteers.

Watching this thread!

I’d leave out the endmyopia approach for a start. I think just what causes myopia is already a bit mind blowing for people to contemplate, and that part really isn’t disputed in clinical science.

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Sounds good Jake…makes sense for first design to attract interest to endmyopia and Moni nailed it. :wink: