Information for first normalized prescription

my currents snellen diopter = 39cms for both eyes . thus , -2.5 D both eyes at night.

current full prescription = left -3.50 , right -3.25
but i use left -2.75 , right -3.00

current differential prescription , left - 1.75 , right -1.50.
i get my edge of blur at 80centimeters with differentials


Not clear what question you’re asking. This forum category is for guides, not help requests.

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Post all of that in the forum, and I’ll make suggestions.
this was written in the first normalized correction session. that’s why i gave the data

So wrong forum…

Also what are your snellen results with this? That will be good to add…

i get 20/13 with this

I believe you are looking for the BackTo20/20 forum which can be found here: BackTo20/20 Session Support – Endmyopia Courses ?

This is the public endmyopia forum for people not on the course

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next question is it possible you reversed your diff correction in this post?

no these are correct. the thing is that before two months i got my eyes checked , i was damn nervous that time , they prescribed me left -3.50 and right -3.25 .
but with this pescription i only got my contact lenses…and whenever i wear them that seems really bright and extraordinary and adds heaviness.
so i am still on my previous corrention , when my left eye was dominant , left -2.75 n right -3.00 .
but now my right is more dominant, so accordingly i got differentials left -1.75 n right -1.50

sorry , this became a long note

and also now… at nearly 85cm distance…it’s hard to find blur with my differentials. earlier i used to get blur at 65cms

So my concern is that your diopter ratio is different from diffs to normz that is not a winning move…

umm… so now??. i didn’t get you ma’'am

You have .25 stronger correction for your right eye in your normz but in your diffs you have a .25 stronger correction for your left. Your ratio between left and right eye should be the same for both corrections. A bit on that here: Diopters - EndMyopia Wiki

ohk…i understood. my differentials are good according to eyes.
i only need to chng my normalized.

and also ma’am … these pandemic days…i just sometimes use my normalized… i also i am not too much in watching screen either it’s t.v or phone. but ya i take 3hrs online classes with breaks.

and whenever i look at clock or something at distance. the auto focus works impressively

This should work yes, and it should be much more comfortable to switch back and forth once those are correct.

Unclear what you mean here but make sure you are not using the normz for nearwork.
Anyways hope I got you turned the right way around now, in future if you are looking to get Jake you will need the forum mentioned above. Though you will find the community here very helpful and friendly. Besides that there are many other resources to help you on your way :slight_smile: Welcome to the community and best wishes in your journey.

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no no… i never use normalized for near work. i just use differentials when needed for close work.
and thank you so much ma’am . have a good night according to India

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If you follow the official back to 20/20 program, click on Support link in the second row between course list and Log tool (not on the Le Meow Forum in the first row of links) and write your question there. Jake will get back to you within 24 hours typically.


Here in the forum you will get personal opinions only from fellow EMers.

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oh…thanks a lot… i didn’t knew about it. but now it’s clear… thanks