Interesting Scientific article

I’m still reading it, but very interesting so far.

“Homeostasis of Eye Growth and the Question of Myopia”

And another:



Wow, I’m reading the first article, and it is a goldmine! I just got to the part about the delay of scleral changes and the choroid preventing an overshoot. The whole section is super interesting. Not sure if I should believe the explanation for the choroid, but here’s finally someone who is asking the hard questions!

This is extremely well written and informed. I started looking for the authors, and unfortunately, found a memorial speech for Josh Wallman, the first author, by Jonathan Winawer, the second author.

I can’t quote as many very interesting and relevant points are in this document. I’ll have to return to reading more of it tomorrow. Thanks a lot for posting this!


Yeah, I kind of skimmed it so far. It’s great, but going to take a while to read, much less fully understand.

The rabbit hole!!!

When people ask me to publish a study, I’m always thinking of ones like these, and how hardly anybody really ever dives into all the really fascinating stuff out there to begin with. At least when it comes to public discussion about myopia, whenever I point to studies, people just go … mehhhh, whatevs, bro. :smiley:

(so I just post as many improvement updates as possible, instead)


@Varakari, the more of it I read, the more it seems like we are not really practicing myopia reduction per se, but rather indirectly guiding refraction in a particular direction by tapping into a lifelong emmetropizational mechanism.

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Another really interesting idea I had, that seems supported here, is the idea that blur adaptation may be a good thing more than a bad thing.

Reading this is like watching a good sporting event…exciting.

Lens induced maybe?