🎥 Intro: The 4 Steps To Improve Your Eyesight

Finally (only took me like 3 years) made an intro video, going over the basic endmyopia steps to improving your eyeballs:


Going into the how-to post, thanks!

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Exellent résumé ,very helpful!
Thanks so much

Great Video! :slight_smile:

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I am so very glad you have finally made this video, @jakey.

Just this week I sent the link to your website to a friend whose young school-going daughter has suddenly been ‘diagnosed with myopia’ and been given her first pair of glasses. (Knowing what I now know thanks to Endmyopia, my hair is standing on end about this development but I don’t want to alienate my friends by being too pushy about it.) Her parents are both doctors (GP and psychiatry) and thus very science-oriented, and both wear glasses, so I’m really glad that you have put in this wonderful straightforward explanation on your website. I’ve also sent links to your posts on child myopia, and ‘is it genetic’, and about ‘the use of ortho-k’ (argh!).


Hopefully it helps! I struggle with trying to hit just the right notes on making videos. Usually they turn into rambles. :smiley:


I like this video, yet it is a bit crazy. Jake has some pre-conditions that I doubt other people do. For example about causality. In life most things are ‘fixed’ without knowing the cause - you computer mouse goes wrong, causality? Who cares, you replace it. You have a car tyre go flat, it doesn’t matter how, just put on the spare tyre. You discovered you are low on Vitamin D from a blood test, take vitamin D or get sunshine. It’s only a percentage of people that strive to know the cause of things, typically engineer INTP personality types.


Makes sense.

There’s also a bit of “I’m not trying to save everybody” in there, and I can’t really do much content that’d be scripted and sanitized and consumable by the largest possible audience. I could, sure but … meh. :wink:

I do want to improve delivery. Slowly over time, mostly.

Also doing more podcasts, where the host’s influence makes a difference. Just did one yesterday (will be out next week) that may be a good example of a starting out sort of intro without much of the mania.