Intro to me, how I got here!

Hi, I am glad to be here! I have suspected for a long time that I could reverse my vision deterioration. When I was a kid my dad got a book from the library of optical illusions which were supposed to help improve vision. I know… optical illusions are probably not helpful at all, but the book also mentioned that our vision is getting worse because of looking at things close up more and more, such as books, and computers. So, having that idea in my head helped steer me to eventually here. Also, I noticed that every time I got glasses, my eyes would just get A LITTLE bit worse, usually very soon after getting them, and I would just have to settle for less than ideal vision until the next year’s eye exam. I thought for some reason that my vision would level out at around age 25 but it just kept getting worse, so I knew I needed to do something. Lots of internet research eventually lead me to Endmyopia (I knew someone would have figured it out before me!! Thanks Jake and everyone else who’s worked on it!!!)

My strongest diopters were -4.75 and -4.00 and now my glasses are -4.00 and -3.25 with a little astigmatism. My first reduction went well and I am hoping the second goes well too, but I worry that it’s not working sometimes!

I try to take an hour walk every day until I come up with something more fun to do outside, and I play soccer once a week.


Stereograms (“magic eye”) are pretty useful for working on binocular vision issues. I think the problem with “eye exercises” is that they may work well for certain things, just not so much for basic myopia.

Good job so far on first reduction! Walking outside and soccer will certainly help. The more outdoor time the better.

[Might want to be careful with that tongue position in your avatar though, could upset the balance between the two eyes. :crazy_face:]


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We all had periods of doubt but it does indeed work :smiley:
Welcome to the community.