Introduction - Nina from Sweden

My name is Nina and I live in Sweden. I did look into EndMyopia about 3 years ago, but decided to put it of then. Now my glasses broke and I got the idea to look into this again. I am 63 years old and have had a cataract surgery on my eyes 6 years ago. That brought down my myopia from right eye -9,5 left 8,5 to about -2. But it also made my astigamatism show up more.
My myopia started at the age of 10 and then it got worse all the way up to 20. I did not wear glasses regulary until I was at about -5 I think and was 13 years old.
Before the cataract surgery all with knowledge around me told me that going down to -2 would be the best so I went for that. But I would like to be a little more independent so thats why I am here now.
I found the 7-day email course I did 3 years back. And as it is summer here and plenty of daylight I thought it would be a good time to start. I had to rush out and by contacts as my ordinary glasses is broken but could not find any that had astigmatism correction. I started to train active focus outside and found that I could do it! I orderd new glasses with the same astigmatim cylinder -1 that have had in the broken glasses. I thought I could skip diffrientals as I can read on paper quite well without glasses. But no - it does not work when on the computer so now I have orderd some glasses to wear when I use the computer. I am not doing a lot of time at the computer before they have arrived! So hopefully I will be able to join in more then. :smile:


Welcome! :blush:

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Welcome :blush:

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Well this is a big experiment - I have no clue if the EM-method will work with an intraocular lense. It is plastic and I have no ability to accomodate left. But there is no danger in trying. And I am soo much happier without those progressive glasses (correcet word? you know reading add at bottom and for longdistance at the top). I will read and post here whats happens. Hope you can keep your surgery off for a long time.

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Best of luck