Introduction, Percipia

Hello. I am more a passer by but I appreciate Jake’s request for pictures and introductions. Ca -4.25 correction, small amount of astigmatism, had tried Bates and Janet Goodrich methods and happily have mostly had lesser prescription glasses for at home and lately one just for reading. I believe my myopia was self-induced, not genetic (none in the family to my knowledge), by reading books under the covers in bed at a young age, with one side of the book resting on my head so the page was very close. I know, if you could go back and yell at yourself… It has fluctuated over the years but of course mostly worse. I have functional improvements from active focus, a concept that made instant sense and I have used to some degree over the years, and will be interested to see if the optometrist agrees! Thanks for your interesting posts!


Hannie would have liked you :slight_smile: :smiley: