Hey all, just starting on the forum.

27 year old northern Irishman/ Australian. Have gone from -3.75 to my new prescription of -2.75 with slight astigmatism.

Excited for the progress over the next couple of years.

No glasses by age 30 is my goal!

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welcome, mate, nice goal to have but if everything goes well and you get into the EM habits quickly and without problems it’ll still take, at average progress rates till around age 32, assuming no glasses for you = a bit like 0.5 D remaining but you do without lenses (last diopter is supposed to be a bitch and people can spend years on it)

Ah cool. I’m most interested in overall nervous system changes so by 30 or 32 there will be big gains. Mostyl interested in how myopia translates to nervous system tension manifesting as anxiety and overall body tension. I can feel more relaxed with reduced prescription already so I will continue tracking this