iPhone App: Measuring Myopia, Log, & more

UPDATE: Now looking more into PWA (progressive Web app) which may more easily facilitate a starting point for what we need. In part because uncle Jakey just can’t afford an iOS aaand Android developer and all the maintenance and upkeep associated.

In slightly more serious discussions here about building an app for iOS.

Finally it seems since the iPhone X that the tools are available to measure distances accurately, which could give us the basis to skip the measuring tape and get diopter results straight from our phones.

This, just a bit of an update of one of the many things always kicking around in my head, as well as in various stages of exploration.

Big hurdles could be “medical” type claims and whatnot when it comes to app store approval, and things that are tricky to figure out before spending a bunch of money developing a thing that may or may not ever see the light of day.

Feedback, ideas, comments welcome. Currently paying an iOS developer to explore concepts and study feasibility of some techy BITS.


Well maybe if you just put a disclaimer saying something like “this is not medical advice” like you do in your videos maybe you can get away with it haha


1st thought: cool!!!
2nd thoughts:

  • directing people to buy an iPhone x. They’d better spend it for back to 20/20…
  • its a mobile. All of us probably spend too much time on a mobile already. It’s bad enough to spend those hours reading EM blog - but at least on a bigger screen.
  • keeping it old school is instead directing people away from that phone. I bet some will use a measure tape first time ever thanks to EM.
  • part of me still thinks it’s cool, an easy way in
  • you’ll have to do it for android as well. Do all those updates. Never ending story.
  • you could implement a lux meter, the blog, forum, lots of handy tools and whuups, you got another full time job

You could use React Native and pay for only one app that works on both platforms (with native UI’s).


Very good points. I feel that way about lots of things … at the same time though if you’re fishing, gotta go where the fish are at.

Case in point I never wanted my face online but especially the Youtube videos are getting a lot of new participants to endmyopia. And I want to eliminate the things that make it difficult to implement - for example I don’t even own a printer or know where to buy a measuring tape, but I’ve got a phone. If I can hold it in front of my face and hit a button when I see blur and it tells me diopters … well then, awesome.

Just thoughts. Thing is a lot of the R&D type stuff never ends up in the rotation. We did an app in the past which didn’t work out. Forum, too.

Will skip Android for a start, and the plan floating around right now is just to hire one iOS developer full time on a contract basis (maybe starting with six months, do a few rounds of an app and see if it has merit). I try to re-invest most of the BackT0/20 contributions into ways to get more exposure for endmyopia as well as to make it more tempting for casual visitors to get in touch with their eyeballs.

Plus if it just catches rich iPhone x users, … well then maybe more people to contribute to funding more great tools! It all trickles down eventually, just like the free blog has a lot of things from previous BackTo20/20 successfully tested strategies. :yum::nerd_face:

Lux meter and blog / forum / etc - great ideas!


This is exactly why I think it’s cool.

What’s R&D?

Ok so if you do an EM app, I’d also love a feature that shows people how you see at certain minus diopters, as well as astigmatism. Enter -6sph & -1,75cyl - and you get a picture (or 2) of how that looks.

Search function and FAQ big.

Blog with categories.

Lux meter

Diopters calculator is great!

Video category (YouTube included in app)

Le meow inside

Just be prepared for people being angry tha it’s only iPhone, but guess you are used to that already :wink:


Those are really good suggestions, love it. Looking at that list totally makes an app worthwhile, beyond just measuring and logging.

I know, Android users will be annoyed. But I’m used to people complaining about free stuff and honestly … who cares. :yum: Thing is we really can’t afford to develop for both at this stage, and Android fragmentation and support is too much to take on during what’s really just some viability testing.

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Didn’t read the whole thread yet.

I stumbled upon an app that measures your PD and Lenses diopters;

it uses the credit card technique.
after playing with it it seems like it is not very accurate, but if this technique can be implemented to measure distance (to the credit card on the screen) it might give a good average measurement fast.

so we don’t necessarily need the iPhone X for that…

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Interestingly, I just came across this company and app yesterday, and today I see it here at the blog.

Any way, there is already an app… developed by an Israeli company called 6over6.
They have three apps: Refractometer (to measure your diopters / prescription for glasses),
PD meter ( measures yr pupillary distance), and Lens meter (measures your current glasses prescription- in case you don’t have it).

The app is for both ios and android, and according to their list of supported devices (found in their faq) it cover a very wide range of iphones, smart phones, ipads etc.

The app is in Beta, but could be downloaded, if you are in the right location geographically…
(I assume it has to do with different local laws).
You can download it if you are in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa.

Their web site: www.6over6.com

If anybody tries it, let us know how good it is.


Interesting, For convenience, I just started working on a simple Android app to measure diopter based on the eyes distance. Once I have something ready it shod not be that hard to port it over to iOS.



If you’re still going to make that EM app, you could add what was posted by Divan. And, because it’s going to be such a meowesc app, add those other apps some of us use:

  • something to remind us after 20 minutes to take a 20 seconds brake. Feature: You can choose between a simple notification and blocking your phone for a time you can set yourself. Ig: It’s gonna lock my phone for 2 (or 20.) minutes (or hours, or seconds) if I’ve used it without brake for 20 minutes. You can still take calls or make calls, but no screen starring things. Of yourse, no option to de-activaete it once you’ve activated it :rofl:

  • It has a blue light after sunset blocker inside, like flux, which you can activate inside that EM app

Hope all of you celebrating kittehs and beard had a nice Christmas!


Yup, noted.

App development will happen after the mountain of moving BackTo20/20 to the new platforum, is climbed.

This is a great idea.

if I may add another idea, I think about an option to press a button when we start sitting in front of the computer and pressing again when we are done with it or getting up for taking a break and when coming back pressing again.
this can help us log the time we are in close up mode and at the end of the day, I can be more aware of the time I was on the computer. knowing that I was on the computer for 8.5 hours at work and took only 2 small breaks will make me more afraid to add another hour of the computer at home. more awareness to our close up time.

another option can be logging our measurements results for tracking progress. maybe if we can do it with the app, then we can save results and log our measurements.


Absolutely love both your ideas!

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I made an iPhone X app for myself, using the front camera and Apple’s AR functionality to measure the distance of the eyes to the screen, and the distance between the eyes (PD). Apple’s tools are so great, it only took me a couple of hours to build.

I’ve been using it to log my cm progression for a couple weeks. It seems reliable and convenient enough that I thought some of you might get some benefit out of it.

I don’t currently have any plans to make into a full app on the Store, but if anyone here wants to try it, I can upload a build for you to download using TestFlight.


That is so amazing, impressive and intuitive, @jakey, have a look man, this is something else…:pray::star_struck:


Yup yup yup.

Send me a message, @steadicat. An iPhone app with this function (and a bunch of other stuff like LUX meter, access to the blog, logging tool, BackTo20/20 lessons, and more) are in my plan for this year. Mainly slowed by other pending more immediate things, plus being able to fund a good developer. :wink:

I’d love to see if we can somehow work out something to maybe get this function to more of our participants.


Hey! So cool idea! How is it possible to install the app ? I would like to try it!

Awesome, would love to try it out. Let me know the testflight code! Cheers.

That’s so great, love to test it out. What’s the testflight code?