Irregular astigmatism

Hi Jake, thanks for feed back, I will hold as I am (reduction of -1.75 in 4 weeks) as you suggested for biological adaptation and later proceed with further reduction despite having 20/10 or less

I have another important issue, I have read all the threads regarding astigmatism but I think my problem is not found there.

I have astigmatism from eye injury (thimerosal in eye drops), so it is more or less irregular (about 3,5 left and 1,5 right), I doubt I can do the centimeter tests correctly as I cannot differentiate what is one and what is the other. However, it is fine on the chart with my SRGP or even glasses. Maybe I should do all the tests on the chart only or maybe order a SRGP with ± 0.5 and go from there in close by; maybe deal with astigmatism later. I know you hate Lasik but this could be an indication (?) if it is limited to the uneven surface and leaves the myopia.

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