Is 0.25 reduced normalized too much for spasmed eyes. Need a little advise

Hi everyone!
I am currently wearing the diopters that the optometrist had prescribed me 2 years ago. I have lost my prescription and my eyesight in my left eye has slightly worsened.

For the past 2 weeks I have been measuring my eyesight morning day and night in centimeters.

Right eye: 36cm Left eye 40 cm

This measurement has been consistent all the time as I don’t look at screens much.

Now the problem is I don’t know my previous diopter difference and it has probably changed now (by 0.25 almost).

So once I wear my differentials I cannot go back to my old glasses (that I’m currently wearing)

I have bought differentials according to the measurements I have made (1.5 diopters reduced from what I need)

Also I have bought normalized 0.25 diopters less than my full correction. (I know I wasn’t supposed to)

My question is: can I wear my normalized (only 0.25 diopters less) for distance vision so that my diopter difference remains the same across my glasses

Or should I buy full correction glasses according to my new diopter difference (which I know I was supposed to)

I just wanna know if anyone has been in the same spot as me and If 0.25 reduced normalized is too much for my eyes right now(will it backfire?)

You can try it. It sounds like you will be making a both focal changes at the same time either way to deal with the ratio change, so might as well try with the normz you have. If you find the blur too much then get full correction. I hope the normz you got are sufficient for driving in, probably check that before making any decisions… Usually you don’t want to make more than one change at a time but ratio changes can be exceptions to that rule as I understand it.

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Thanks for the reply! I will try them after doing the zero diopter reset. Right now I don’t drive and stay in my house the most of the time. Also I wouldn’t try active focusing right away. I’d wait for the spasm to clear up.

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