Is it bad to stretch your eyes?

I have seen many people on the internet say that it works and some say it doesn’t, can you tell me who is right?

What do you mean by stretching your eyes, you mean opening them wide? That’s not going to do anything AFAIK.

ya , stretching of eyes really gives a 20/20 vision. but i heard that it’s a bad habit. stretching our eyes is a sama but another way of shortening our eyes to see clear and this gives strain to our eyes

I stretched them a lot if to mean stretching the eyelids and pulling them to the side of temple. This just flattens the cornea mainly in horizontal meridian, and in long term could induce astigmatism.

Stretching = Straining. Sometimes it might lead to irritation in the eyes, Though, it gives clarity for a few seconds, it is not good in practice.
@Markiyan is absolutely right, stretching may induce astigmatism.