Is it Normalized time?

Alrighty friends. I may need a little bit of advice on this topic. Sooooo, I’ve been wearing my differentials for almost a full month now. Lots of the information out there advised against wearing normalized immediately but to wait 4-6 weeks and just wear differentials so your ciliary spasm can clear up. I’m considering switching to my normalized soon. I put them on today just to see what my vision is like with them. I used the snellen chart and honestly they feel about the same as my full prescription. Didn’t really see a difference. I have high myopia (-8.75/ -8.25) and only went down a quarter of a diopter in each eye. So I’m thinking I didn’t go down far enough.

-Would you just wear the current normalized immediately and order a new pair of normalized that’s a step lower?
-How do you know when your ciliary spasm relaxes? Is that something I should feel? (Random question, I know).

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So you ordered your normalised but waited with using it? That’s a way of doing it but actually the recommendation to wait is to wait with ordering because you can usually drop 0.5D or 0.75D with the first normalised.
So yes, it is very likely that you could have dropped more. Hopefully you ordered cheap ones for your first normalised :smile:

What can you see clear on Snellen with the current normalised? Easily all the way down to 20/20 and even a bit further? Maybe you can drop a further 0.5D. Or is it more around 20/25 sometimes better sometimes worse? Then just drop 0.25D again.
Don’t worry about ciliary spasm release, just keep good habits (more distance from monitor, differentials / normalised to make your eyes work a bit but not too much) and after a while you will feel that your eyes are strained less. I’m fully convinced that the spasm is released in several steps over time, sometimes subtle and sometimes surprisingly noticeable.

Best of luck with your journey!


I seem to be always asking this question, but when you speak of “prescription,” are you talking about what some glasses emporium told you? Isn’t it generally accepted among us that they persistently over-correct? If you used their numbers, no wonder a slight reduction looks so clear to you. It may be your actual diopter, or even still be over-corrected. Have you measured your centimeters to blur? The was the key first revelation to me that this program was onto something objectively true.

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Hey BiancaK, I super appreciate your reply! Now that you mention it, it was totally silly to order my normalized so early lol. Yup that’s what I did. Thankfully the normalized I ordered were cheap and are returnable!

So when I use the Snellen chart with my full prescription I can comfortably see 20/25 and struggle to see 20/20. It’s exactly the same with the current normalized pair that I have.

Thanks again! Your reply was super helpful! And good luck on your journey as well.

I do measure my cm to blur daily. My measurements are fairly all over the place but seem to average a bit lower than what was prescribed to me (my full prescription). When I look at the Snellen chart with my full prescription I can see 20/25 though and not 20/20.

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It does sound as though you’re going to enjoy saying bye-bye to those old over-corrections that are holding you back. Congratulations!

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The higher your myopia, the less of a difference in blurriness you will see in a 0.25 reduction. Reducing from -2.00 to -1.75 is a huge difference, whereas -8.75 to -8.50 is not a big difference and is often not noticeable. At high myopia it can be recommended to do 0.50 reductions because of this. It’s just the way the math works out at higher myopia, there’s a mathy explanation for this somewhere. Not seeing a big difference in a 0.25 reduction at -8ish myopia isn’t surprising because of this.

Kind of just a trial and error kind of thing, you will lose by far the most ciliary spasm when starting out with EM and you don’t really ever have to go through that again as long as you never wear full strength glasses (or normalised for that matter) for close-up. This is where the dramatic improvement comes in. Also trial and error, for example the glasses I was wearing were OD/OS -5.50/-5.00, a gap of 0.50, but after spasm relaxed my gap was 1.25 between my two eyes. Sometimes weird stuff like that happens, and your normalised are no longer all that great. But nothing that weird will happen so quickly again, so this is just inital fun for newcomers.

So what might have happened is 0.25 isn’t a big enough reduction at -8ish myopia, and you should reduce more. Another thing is your eyes improved between you looking at a Snellen chart with full strength glasses and looking at a Snellen chart with reduced strength normalised glasses, and you can’t tell the difference because your effective myopia reduced (probably ciliary spasm loss). Either way, it looks like you need to shave more diopters off of your normalised. Have fun :slight_smile:


Hey NottNott!! Yeah, I definitely think you are right that I didn’t go down enough for my normalized, especially with this darn high myopia.

I officially just ordered a new pair for my normalized and dropped the diopters by -.50 this time. We shall see how these will work for me. This is definitely quite a journey! Thanks for your help! And your youtube video’s are awesome!! They’ve been quite helpful for me on my journey!


I’m a high myope too. I started at 10. You can look at my gains updates for some detials.

But I reduced by 0.5 for about the first 3 normalised.
I then got down to about 8.5 and my eyes just told me “nope! speed train is over. You’re going to do 0.25 reductions from now on”
It was really my eyes that told me what I could handle or not.

So I guess my point is that if your eyes are telling you that its comfortable then. yeh especially with high myopes, I’d try and reduce more. The trick will be eventually not to try and kid yourself because you get addicted to the fast reductions (which I did too).


Thanks for the great information! I will definitely listen to my eyes during this journey. And I will try my best not to get addicted to the fast reductions in the beginning lol. I do know that this is going to be a long journey so I’m working on being patient.