Is it okay ? 🤔

Is it okay if ur spherical number is actually -6.75 in right eye and -7.00 in left eye and ur doctor prescribed you -6.00 in both eyes and cuz I don’t think so it a huge difference don’t you all think?
Are there any side effects or problems that could happen because of such difference? If anyone knows do reply, I’m curious… Thank you in advance

Do you know the difference of sphere and cylinder diopters?

Possible side problems: headaches, eye strain
overprescription: lens-induced myopia or astigmatism, too clear vision
underprescription: blurry vision

Just wear glasses, which give you most of the time “a slightly blur vision” and clear up that blur by blinking/active focus.

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Oops so sorry it’ll be spherical my bad :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: thanks for telling I’ll edit it rn

The better question is how do you see in the -6 on the 20 foot snellen chart in decent indoor lighting? If you can see about 20/30 in them you are good. If it is 20/40 or worse I would consider getting stronger correction for distance. You will be able to make the best most informed decisions for your vision if you take care to get your data points through measurements.


Highly agreeing with Lloydmom.

An additional hint: If you really just have 0.25 spherical difference between your eyes to begin with, even optometrist confirmed (but should also be confirmed by OWN measurement on Snellen) then Equalizing right from the start - so having glasses with the same correction on both eyes - could make a lot of sense. Your eyes will then - usually - have a much smoother experience with the whole endmyopia reduction journey. Right from the start.

However: The DIFFERENTIAL glasses for CloseUp need to be your starting point. Kind of your first test if your measurements are right. They should give you stable close up vision at the edge of blur / clarity. Only after a min 30 day trial period with your differential glasses and first improvement, you would go on with ordering your normalized for distance.

Jakes vid on why Differentials first: Want Better Eyesight? Buy These Glasses First! | Daily Beard | Jake Steiner - YouTube