Is it possible to reduce cyl in the normalized without differentials?

I mean what someone with very low myopia that doesn’t have differentials do ? Does he need to reduce cyl with out differentials

Short answer: yes :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you saying this based on your experience? :relieved:

I started from low myopia so never had differentials, and I only had 0.25D cyl on my full correction.
The most important is to get enough distance vision triggers, at real distances. Oh, and patience…

Longer answer:
a) if your cyl power is below 1D, you can try dropping it all together
b) if your cly is higher or dropping it just doesn’t feel OK, you can try trading the cyl off for sph with the halving formula + (in the same step or in a separate one) introduce blur challenge with a sph drop from that
(this means cyl gives you a certain diopter at a certain axis only, and you give the same diopter for the whole eye instead)
c) if the cyl is really high and/or you have too much DV even at close-up you may want to introduce differentials along the principles in b)

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Thanks I am glad to hear that it’s not a must to have differentials for this one. I have to say that as far as I know, all the above are relevant for differentials. You can’t reduce in general more than 0.25 cyl in one shot unless it’s really high myopia. You can reduce much more with the differentials

Or it’s the initial one with overcorrection. Quite a few people on this forum has dropped 0.75D or 1D in the first step, and often that was all they had.