Is it time to reduce yet?

So I had a very funny experience last night. Yesterday was overcast and I felt like I was struggling a bit in my correction the day was full of off and on clarity but not horrible. In the evening I went to the store and the gas station and was really frustrated that it felt like my vision had decreased and I lost all my gains.
This morning when I went to find my glasses where I had left them I discovered that I had swapped the glasses with my next reduction.
Ha ha ha and then I was so happy because I realized it wasnt my vision it was the glasses. I also realized even though I had the .25 reduced glasses on I drove at night with less difficulty than I thought I would have for the next reductions. I’m still laughing at myself.


nice surprise then that it was the glasses that you had swapped. :slight_smile: I’d say it’s only time to reduce if you can see at your desired level on the snellen with the reduction

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The headline was more of a lack for a better one. Ha ha but I am near the time frame I planned to reduce. Measurements are showing good progress.

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