Is night time glasses important for night improvement?

I am Wondering if it is more beneficial to use the .25 stronger lenses at night to help get the better image with current normal. Hopefully some experienced myopes can help on this question. I usually don’t change to a stronger lenses at night unless I am driving to the city. But I dont really do that often and in my own town everything is 45mph or less so driving with my current normal doesn’t cause any danger I just dont read street signs clear.
When i drove last night i wore them and this morning i feel it may have contributed to better vision. So I wonder if anyone else has had this same experience or experimented at all on this?

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I came to the same conclusion that at night a bit stronger is better. Else it’s way blurrier with the same lens you used in daylight which can’t be good.

I only have norms (my old ones are too far off on cyl). I just work extra hard on AF.

But I’ve barely cracked the .25 level on norms after my last pathological attempt.

I am thinking that the clear vision with the stronger pair of glasses gave my visual cortex the stimulus to look for a better image. So the next day I still had the better image to look for and this may have helped with my clearing things up. But perhaps there was something else going on. I will try to repeat the process and see if I get a similar result. But I dont go driving at night much.

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