Is power for negative lenses same?

I have noticed that when I am using my glasses, i am able to see clearly from the corner parts but some distortion is there when is see from the middle. I wanted to know that is the power for concave lenses same throughout or different in the middle and edges. Also the lenses in my glasses are scratched from middle and not from edge. So is this distortion due to scratches? Or the power is different at the edges and middle?

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Usually there is more distortion in the edge of the glasses. If you have a high prescription and the lenses aren’t centered properly, there can be different “prescriptions” depending on which part of the lens you’re looking through (as well as prismatic effects.)

Scratches aren’t going to help any, either.

I have -2.5 in left and -3 in right. I don’t know but I find things more clear when I see from the lower part of my glasses.