Is there any hope

Hello all! So I have been to a different opticians and said yeah you need to wear your glasses all the time… depressing… I have been told probably what I was expecting…" do you see better with them on?" Replied of course, “So wear them”. No mention of lessening my lens or anything and I feel if I wanted to get a change it would be off my own back…Aka through this group.

I feel cast a drift and with no hope… I have astigmatism in both eyes and pretty much no sph.

sph -0.25. Cyl -2.75 axis 80

L sph -0.50 Cly -2.25 axis 86

But I know there has to be some hope out there and on here ?
Surely must be.

Love some inspiration from anyone with similar prescription… really would. :unamused:

Welcome to the forum, first of all.

Second, you joined the forum for a reason, something you read, hearing Jake speak, or a bunch of other reasons. So you must have a vague idea what we do here, and that is that we go against the main stream eye industry (from optometrists to eye wear producers) and try our best to improve our vision.

With that thought in mind, you just scratched the surface of EndMyopia . You are on the forum, and you have access to all kinds of information that has been shared by many of us who traveled this road ahead of you. My best suggestion for you is to take the time and read, anything and everything on the forum. A picture will start forming. You will start picking up on items that are particularly of interest to you (astigmatism for example?). When you find these concepts, search for details, and read some more.

Learn to measure your eyes. Get a Snellen chart. Understand very well the basic concepts of normalized and differential glasses, and how they apply to you.

None of us will do the homework for you. This is a free access to data forum, a do-it-yourself approach It is something you put a lot of your own effort into. When you get stuck, after researching and reading all you can get your hands on, ask specific questions (but not specific diopter advice), and one or more of us will do the best to help, based on our understanding, and the time we have available.

Go back to the messages you received when you joined the forum, and start with “Start here” post. Go from there.

Try it. It is very rewarding in the end, even through it may be a bit frustrating at times.

You are right in my desire for change…of course it is something I am looking to try and tackle… It’s potentially developed into the severity of my astigmatism by a few factors… Not all that clear and lands me in here.

My basic understanding from reading the snippets is active focus and using the differential glasses… I am one of them guys who gets inspired by others and me reaching out for success stories is part of that…

Just love to hear anyones success story from any stage if astigmatism. I think this is best asked in the astigmatism section lol.

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There is certainly hope, first of all.

My main issue is astigmatism (going away pretty fast), but it was initially diagnosed at -0.25 SPH and -0.75 CYL in my worst eye. My latest prescription is 0 SPH -0.25 CYL.

Are you on computers or screens and doing a lot of near work? Looking at stuff from the side (instead of straight on) seems to create astigmatism in a lot of people. All through covid lockdown I was using a laptop computer and I realize now I had fallen into the bad habit of always keeping it on the right armrest of my chair so I was always looking at the screen at an angle.

If I were you I’d try to see if there’s something in your near environment that’s messing you up. For example, if you have screens off at the sides of your desk so you’re never looking straight at them, that kind of thing. Some people have light always coming from one side and it seems to cause problems. Like if you have a window on your left that the sun shines in on every day.

Once you sort out your work environment as best you can you want to make sure you’re not making stuff worse with your lens use for near work. So your next step would be to find the minimum amount of correction you need that lets you do your near work. These are your “Differentials” – glasses for near work. You can probably back way off on the CYL correction and take out the SPH altogether for use when doing near work. (This might require some experimentation to find what works for you.) You might not even need correction at all for near work right now. Then you want get the screen far enough away from you that it just barely starts becoming blurry.

There are lots of them on the forum too. Try @kem story on astigmatism. He is progressed so well on his battle with astigmatism.

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Try a test lens kit and experiment. Cyl is complicated and there doesn’t seem to be one tried & true method for removing/eliminating it.

If I was in your shoes I would first play with sph for cyl substitutions and see what the impact is on visual acuity & comfort. If that doesn’t work you can always try dropping cyl gradually the way most participants will drop sph.

It’s going to be a work in progress, I’m afraid, because you aren’t the ‘standard’ test case.

Can’t recall anyone, recently at least, with moderate/high cyl and negligible sph. But do know there are people here with more complicated situations that are able to make progress.

Keep at it. There is a solution there, somewhere.