Is there even any proof myopia is genetic?

Exactly. Myopia isnt an illness, just a consequence of biology.

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or consequence of not using biology fully or correctly as intended
or using biology for activities not intended for

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I’m skeptical. The stereotypes i have in my head are watchmakers, biologists/chemists, and astronomers wear glasses.
Also, My experiences with these devices definitely give me a form of vertigo.

With high myopia where the eye starts falling apart, or especially with lens-induced myopia it’s hard to argue with you. At the lowest degrees it might just be a regular adaptation like getting calluses on your hands and feet. You lose “nice soft skin” but you don’t get blisters as easily.

The cavemen with good distance vision go out and hunt, the ones with good near vision stay back in the cave and make fish-hooks and blow-darts or sew together the animal skins…

But I think you’re right. The natural systems in place to keep the eye in shape and well-focused have been broken by all the screens and artificial lights and indoor school, etc.