Is this AF?

Hey guys, I want to check if what I think is active focus is actually it! Appreciate your thoughts!

So with my reduced prescription glasses on (also tried with no glasses), trying to clear up text, I gently blink and focus.

At first it clears up a little then it clears up more, with ghosting. When I blink again it either goes worse as it first was, or I’m able to hold that clearer image for a second longer.

I am around -7.

I have read up on AF and watched countless videos, I think this is it, but before I get too excited I just want to confirm please!

Thank you for your time!

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Sounds like AF to me!

How close do you keep the text without glasses?

I think you can get excited :smiley:

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Mam I watched your video with Jake sir I want to ask you that Tratka is also a kind of active focus.
Is it helpful to release all your ciliary spasm.


As per my experience, yes

Depends. If one, for example, uses their phone/ does lots of close-up/ strains their eyes after trataka and before getting outdoor distance vision of a few hours, then it would negate all the benefits of trataka.

Mam are you still doing active focus or what’s your prescription right now.

Thank you for your reply! Now I’m excited! :rofl:

Without glasses, I have to keep text pretty close as you can imagine! Approx 15 cm away.




If it were me, I would not strain my eyes at this close distance. Just my thoughts …


Thank you for your input, makes sense! :blush:

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