Is this transient astigmatism? PLZZ HELP!

So recently, I have been encountering several fluctuations in my vision which has scared the shit out of me. These are:

  1. Whenever I see an object on a wall, and I look at the sides of the object (right,left,top,bottom), I see a bright outline of the object following my vision across the wall. The outline fades after a while…This happens with a wall clock, framed photo, almost everthing given the background is bright. In dull backgrounds, I only see the dull outline of the object which too follows my vision across the wall and fades after a while.

  2. When I look at my phone screen, after a while, I see horizontal lines all over my screen and when i immeditaely switch my vision to the wall, I see the same horizontal lines on the wall as well. After a few seconds, the lines disappear from the screen and then from the wall.

  3. When I look at the streetlights and headlights, I see starbursts. With headlights, sometimes i see a white circle around the light. I dont know if it is halo but it looks like one… (I dont see rainbows around them)

  4. I see more light reflecting from shiny objects. They almost look like the glare effect. When I look at my phone screen at night, i see unusual light reflecting from the bottom of the screen.

  5. When I do active focus on buildings,trees etc. and when i immediately switch to my wall, i see the outline of the buildings on the wall. They fade after a while…f

I am avoiding direct exposure to light as the afterimage of the source of light say. bulb,headlight etc stays on my vision for some time and I blink several times to get away from that afterimage.

P.S I am doing active focus for the past 3 months. Earlier I used to overdo it which resulted in sinus,headache , eye strain/pain and hell lot of floaters. But now I am taking long breaks in between my active focus sessIons. I dont force active focus, trying my eyes to be as calm and relaxed as they can. Plus I have reduced my active focus durations to the point where they dont feel forced. As a result, I am completely free of my sinus, headache, eye strain/pain and my floaters have almost completely vanished.

I went to the doctor 2 days ago and he checked my eyes. He did a 360 degree view if retina and said its absolutely fine. he said i have moderately dry eyes… NOW PLEASE HELP!!

Cool I did not know, that floaters can go away. Maybe you should do a break with active focus for some time and wait until all is fine. I would do that, because that sounds terrifying. I think there could also be brain health things if the vision is strange. How high is your myopia and how much have you already improved? I have not experienced double vision or anything like that so far, so I dont know if this can happen.

Have you started taking any medication? Have you done things like looking at bright light, at the sun or something?
What is your astigmatism data?

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My left eye is 0.75
Ny right eye is 20/20. No correction needed.
I dont have astigmatism or cylidrical in my prescription. I have improved from -1.00 in my left eye while my right fluctuated between 20/20 and -0.25. But now its stable and back to normal.

I was fusing streetlights for 3-4 days but now I have completely stopped it. Do you think this triggered my issues?

Yes could be. So looked at bright street lights? Looking at light is not good.

Now what should I do? Please suggest me some solution. I have stopped staring at lights. From the past couple of days, I have also started seeing colours in vision.